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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A song you can play

Day 26th is a song you can play on an instrument. I never learned to play anything. I did one short year of piano and learned the recorder in school. And so the only thing I can play is Do a Deer from the Sound of Music. But I can play it on the piano, the recorder and the xylophone!! lol


Vicki said...

haha! do re me fa so la ti do!! sound of music is my favourite musical of all time :)

amy! said...

hi Marif..just stoppin by to give ya some blog love...and a digi hug. I read some where about you CT calls and not getting the answer you wanted. I'm Havin a heck of a time with CT's myself..you are a fabulous, talented, dedicated girl...it's only their loss.
take care and cya around.

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