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Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year freebie!!

No, no, I haven't gone insane. I know it's January 31st, but today is the Chinese New Year. And this year is the year of the horse, which is my Chinese zodiac sign, so I was inspired to use my old freebie kit to make a small freebie for you.
Download here or click on the image

I got super lazy, though, and didn't package it... The kit I used is the one I made years ago called Chinese Zodiac and you can still find all the pieces on the blog (http://poppylium.blogspot.ca/search/label/chinese%20zodiac%20%28kit%29).
It looked like this:

Well, there you go, Happy Year of the Horse to everyone :D

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Back for P52.

This week, the prompt from March 2 December's list was "macro".
Usually, when I think of macro, I think of nature (flowers, leaves, etc.) and bugs. Of course, with my snowy winter, neither are really available right now. I thought of trying a snowflake, but it's too cold for pretty snowflakes. All we get is gross snow...
My other problem is that I take my photos with my iPhone. I find the camera really good and I'm usually really happy with my photos, but macro was a bit harder (hubby told me later that he thinks there's a macro mode, but he doesn't know how to work it, and I was too lazy to Google it...).
So I tried a photo of my nail polish bottles (I had a couple of hubby free nights which I filled with nail pampering and a chick flick). But the lighting was wrong and the result is so-so (I'll show you anyways):

Then my sister-in_law called asking if we could babysit her dog for the week-end, and the opportunity for a cute photo presented itself in the form of their yorkshire terrier Cuddles.
She's a micro dog who weighs only a few pounds, so I thought a close-up of her face qualified as macro :D

I also like it because it follows the prompts but also represents what we did that week, fitting into the definition of a tradition P52!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's talk layouts

Today I participated in a speed scrap, which I haven't done in ages, and I decided it was a good occasion to show some of my recent LOs.
I will not show 6 months worth of them...
I'll be lazy and just show my layouts without linking (but I'll name designer and store, so if you like what you see it will still be easy to get!!

So first I did a speed scrap this afternoon at Scrap Takeout, using My Mom by Mel Hains Designs (available at Scrap Takeout):

Also by Mel Hains Designs, I scrapped our xmas card this year with Celebrate Christmas With Me:

I also scrapped a fun game themed layout with Game Night by Artgal Style (available at Plain Digital Wrapper):

And I revamped my Facebook Timeline Photo with Pumpkin and Scarecrows by Artgal Style as well:

From Simple Girl Scraps (available at GingerScraps and GottaPixel), I scrapped my morning shakes with January Story:

A visit from our friends with Best Friends Forever:


And my desktop with Fresh Start (LOVE the colours in this one):

There you go!! Busy January scrap-wise I guess. Last year had gotten a bit slow and I'm happy to see myself scrapping more :D

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Teal :D

So it's week 3 of March to December Project 52 and from the title of the post, you could guess what the prompt was this week...


Favourite Colour!

I knew easily and right away what my favourite colour was: teal. It's the colour of my coat, of one of my purses, of some of my jewlery, of at least 4 or 5 of my shirts, ...
It makes me happy and if hubby let me, I would paint the walls and decorate the house with it. On two occasions I could have had a teal car and didn't manage :( (the first time, hubby had a say and chose dark green over teal, afraid he would get tired of it, and the second time it was just not available at our dealership).
What I didn't find as easy was how to photograph your favourite colour! Not as easy as it seems, unless you just go for a photo of you in a shirt of said colour. I wanted to avoid that and challenge myself.
I ended up with 3 ideas. The first was a collection of some of my teal things (coat, shirts, ring, ...) and ended up looking so so:

So I walked around the house and found a cute dinosaur on the wall in Cédric's bedroom which was teal and I thought it would be an original way to display it:

But dinosaurs are not very me... And then it hit me: GLITTER!! I have a box of assorted colours of glitter which I use to make glittery shirts, so I went to get the teal bottle. And then I had to decide how to display it and ended up putting it in snow (in -35 degree weather):


Which do you guys like best?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mach to December P52 - week 2

I'va had a busy, crazy week, with 3 days of supply teaching (I've gone back to work recently and was only aiming to do 1 day a week, 2 at the most...). So my house was a mess and my energy level was low. And therefore, no blogging, lol.

But I did have my photo for last week's M2D P52!


The theme was something new and I actually had many choices. Right after xmas, especially having done xmas in Florida, we had lots of new things. I could have shown my new pjs, my new Harry Potter t-shirt, my new watch, my new mugs, ...
But I landed on a photo that includes "new" on a couple of levels.
Last Sunday we went sliding with our son! What's new about that you wonder. Well, first of all, the tube itself is  new. It was a gift from Cédric's godmother. His boots and mitts are also brand new, another gift from his godfather-uncle. But most importantly, us gearing up in our snow outfits and going out to slide is new!! It was a great success, Cédric loved it and went up and down 8 times!
I have a photo with me and a photo with his dad and I can't choose which to show, so I'll show you both :D

I'm really enjoying sharing these and I hope you enjoy seeing them and hearing about them!
If you do, join the challenge and share your too, I'd love to see them :D

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wow... and a new project!

Well, happy new year... I can't believe I haven't blogged here since June, though...
I guess resolution number 1 should be to blog more, lol.

I'll start the year with my first ever Project 52. That should get me blogging at least once a week!
It's an easy photo one from my scrappy friends: La'Shawn :D

You can find the project on her blog, here: Project 52: 2014

The first week was resolution, and I missed it, lol. But it so happens that I have a perfect photo for it, taken in the first week of January!
I follow a pretty strict no carb diet, and while on holidays, I cheated a lot and felt gross. So day one of 2014, back at home, had me and the hubby getting back to our healthier lifestyle. I'm using that as a sort of resolution to stay healthy this year: staying on the diet, going to Jiu Jitsu and yoga regularly, cleaning a bit more to keep the house healthy as well, and even taking some time for myself to make sure I don't lose my mind!

So without further ado, here's the photo in question:

It's of our morning shake, which I like to drink in some kind of fun glass, and as it was New Year's Day we went with a stem glass :D

It's never too late to start the project (especially now, as it's still really early in the year), so stop by her blog and join us!!