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Sunday, September 16, 2012


As always, I'm back to show you some awesome new releases and hopefully make you want to get them :D
In alphabetical order, let's start with Artgal Style!
She released the adorable kit Murphy:

And a super original kit, for all German-beer-sausage fans, Oktober Fest:

Danimoy released a gorgeous collection called Family Tree:

And finally, Simple Girl Scraps released a bunch of things I haven't shown yet...

Which I used with her kit Funky Fresh and a template freebie from her too:

Then she released the Messy Doilies Papers:

Which I used with her kit Have No Fear:

And finally she released the Moving Out collection:

And that's it for today :D

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Danimoy, oh Danimoy!!

She's back with a vengeance, and despite not having promoted her in a long time, due to my crazy summer, she's been busy!
I'll skip altogether the store she was at for a couple of months, and tell you that as of today, Danimoy Designs is back at Scrapbookbytes.

For the opening of the store, everything is 40% off for 2 weeks, and all her old kits are back, so there is a lot to choose from!!

I have lots to show you, so you get an idea of the new kits, so let's get to it :D

Her latest, brand new for the store opening is Fire and Ice:

She also released Seeing Red, which I haven't played with:

I used Genuine Grunge to scrap one of the rides at Disneyland Paris:

And Glam Grunge for a summery pic of my lil dude:

Before that, she had Let's Play:

And Sweet BBQ Rays, both great for summer photos:

And her come-back kit at the beginning of the summer was the awesome News Worthy:

Which I use to scrap the crazy fires we had in the spring in my area!

Well, that's it for all the summer releases, but there is much more in her store, go enjoy the sale!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Simple Girl Explosion

So it's been a while again, and I have lots to show when it comes to Simple Girl Scraps!
I'll start with the awesome promos she has going on right now!!

I also suggest a trip to her blog for this awesome freebie (preview linked):

And another to the Facebook page for this beauty of a template (you need to like of course, and it's under the exclusive tab):

And now, let me show you all my latest layouts with her latest kits!!

With one of the Chevy Templates and Creative Me:


I scrapped the bookmark monsters I made for my son's teachers at the end of the shcool year :D

I scrapped my poor puppy in pain (who we since had to put to sleep because she was in too much unmanageable pain :( ):

With Wild Child:

I scrapped my son in one of his wild moments:

And finally with Summer Lovin:

I scrapped my son and our new puppy!

And though I haven't used it, you can also find Have No Fear in her store:

Wow, did you make it all the way down here? lol
Now go enjoy the promos, she has so much awesomeness in her store you'd be crazy to pass this up ;)

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm back!!

I didn't go anywhere.... but I had the end of year activities at my son's school, then family at my house for over 3 weeks, then a storm of appointments for my son and my doggie girl who was not feeling good (slipped cervical discs). So that didn't give me much time to scrap and even less to blog!

Now I'm back and getting back to my computer a little (although my son is still on holidays, there are more appointments to come and the weather is fairly nice, so we try to go out and enjoy it :D).

As I've missed a lot, I'll do one designer at a time, starting with Artgal Style!! Today's new release is called Candy Land. It's super soft and cute and it coordinates to lots of other minis at Plain Digital Wrapper.

She has an add-on for you on her blog too as always:

And here's my layout with it:

It documents the way I taught my son how to chew gum, the process, the problems we had, and how well he does now and how much it helps him!

I had also shown you my layout with Boys Rule from her, and I finally had time to scan the photos from my spa day to use with Girls Rule!

The story here is that the centre where my son does physiotherapy organized a spa day for some of the moms whom they thought deserved a fun day to relax and get spoiled. It was a great day and we got lots of spa treatments, food and drinks and lots of gifts.

Artgal Style also released two kits I didn't have time to play with :( But I can still show them to you :)

First, You Are:

Well, that's it for Artgal Style!!
I'll be back for other designers' news :D