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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quite an event!

Today's song must be one that reminds you of an event.
When my son was born, after a couple days hooked up to machines, he was transferred to my room for the night. I was left alone with this little man and wanted to sing him something soothing, but no lullaby came to mind. I drew a blank, and out of nowhere I started singing Good Riddance by Green Day (incidentally my hubby's favourite band). I soon brushed up on kiddie songs but to this day, when I hear the song, it reminds me of singing it over and over that one night...
And here it is for your listening pleasure!


Marif said...
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Anne-Laure said...

this one is an easy one!
there is one song reminding me the best shared moments of my pregnancy with my man, listening to and singing along this song with him playing the guitar (I actually know all the lyrics and can play part of the bass line).
Alexis used to move a lot in utero while we listened to it, and still loves this song.

"Peruvian skies" by Dream Theater

Anne-Laure said...

Yves' song for an event is "Quelque chose de Tennessee" from Johnny Hallyday.

but he won't tell us wich event and why, it's part of the mystery... just enjoy the music!

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