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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bahama Mama and a speed scrap!!

The title says it all!
First let me show you danimoy designs' latest kit (a collab with A+ Designs) called Bahama Mama. A gorgeous summery, islandy kit:

And here's my layout of hubby and I going to a Hawaiian Luau party last year!

Now, do you like challenges, inspiration and gifts?? Then I suggest joining the Simple Girl Scraps for a speed scrap on Saturday:

I won't be able to join, as I'll be at a cottage with friends for a relaxing, kids-free week-end!! But put on your PJs, grab a snack or beverage and have fun. Theresa is awesome and the little yellow birdie told me there was a gift for participants...
Off to scrap!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who likes a great coupon?!?

Check this out, danimoy designs has a great sale at GottaPixel:

The coupon is linked to her store. It's also a fun preview of her upcoming kit... And these are really awesome, because the more goodies you get the more you save, how can you go wrong?
Here's a sample of some of the beauties you could grab:

Just a few of the most summery gorgeous ones she has in store, but there are some many beautiful kits for all occasions !!
Don't miss this great sale, happy shopping ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Today is the release of DaniMoy Designs' new kit Lazy Days of Summer.
It's a beautiful summer kit with warm colours and it worked so well for one of my fave Punta Cana photos: my two guys cuddling and being lazy!

Here's the kit (linked):

And my layout:

The kit is on sale for only $3, go pick it up ;)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lots of layouts!!

Yesterday was release day but I had a very busy day!!
We spent most of the day at the lake for a 50th anniversary celebration in my hubby's family. Then after putting my little man to bed, we went to the movies to see.... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, of course!! It was really epic and very good!!

Now I'm home and I can show you all the awesome new goodies in store this week-end.
Simple Girl Scraps had quite the release day, and each kit is more beautiful than the next.
First, and probably my favourite, is Twitterpated. The colours are gorgeous and the patterns are amazing, I LOVE it and I'm really happy with my layout with it too!!
The preview is linked to the store (ScrapDelicious), hurry to get it, it's only $2 !?!?!

Next she has a sweet, soft, sleep themed kit at Digiscrap Drive-In, called Goodnight and this one is only $1 right now, an amazing deal!

And finally, she's re-releasing her kit Love My Dog, from Scrap Delicious, at Digiscrap Drive-In, so I got to play with it, yay! (both store names are linked ;) )
I really like it and it worked so well with my puppy's colours and personnality!

Are you still with me?
Let's move on to Artgal Style then, shall we?
This week, she has a great 4th of July kit to scrap all those pics you took a couple weeks ago (or past years). The colour palette is awesome, she added a great pink and a paler blue, which makes the kit original and versatile. As I'm from France and in Canada, I used it for something else altogether! Just a cute pic of my little dude!

She's also re-releasing two older kits at Plain Digital Wrapper, her new store. Penny For Your Thoughts is money themed, for all the piggy banks, new bank account, or allowance photos. This one had a great versatile colour scheme too:

And there's a great add-on:

And finally, Fly Lady Bug, a very cute, fresh kit, for any photo:

All done!! Thanks for staying with me, now go shopping!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And some more Woohoo!!

I'm so happy, I was accepted to a second CT in the past few days!!
I will proudly be scrapping for DaniMoy Designs. She sells at Scrapbookbytes, at Scrapbooks Gone Digital, and at Gotta Pixel.
Her designs are pretty, fun and funky, and she makes the most amazing "splats" or stamps or whatever you want to call them (here's an example):

Now all I have to do is learn to use those well to make them justice...

I've scrapped for both my other CTs yesterday and I'm off to scrap for her, and I literally CANNOT wait to show you all these kits, they're all more beautiful than the next!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello scrapland!!

As you may know, I've recently lost some of my CT gigs. I've been applying for some, but only when I really like the kits and think I can do something decent with them (kits need to inspire me to some degree at least, otherwise, my LO are NOT pretty...).
After quite a few "no" answers, I got accepted on a new CT, woohoo.

I am now a proud CT member for Simple Girl Scraps! Her kits are bright, fun and cute and I can't wait to start scrapping with them (just waiting for all the access links...). She sells at Digiscrap Drive-In and Delicious Scraps, go check out her stuff, you're bound to find something you like!!

And here's a layout I made on the week-end for the food album I'm trying to piece together:

Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artgal Style has a new store!!

Artgal Style's new store is up and running, and she's filling it with some of her previous kits and some new stuff too!! Go check out her new home at Plain Digital Wrapper!!

Two of her previous kits are out this week, Graduate and the gorgeous Lavish Green, and the new kit is called The Eyes Have It. It's full of all things glasses, lenses and optometrist. Take a look:

And made a layout about Cédric obsession with other people's glasses. He notices them and wants to touch yet he rarely lets us put some on him and if he does he doesn't keep them on more than a few seconds. Here's him taking them off as I try to take a picture, lol:

Thanks for looking, enjoy your week-end and happy scrapping!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One more song and a couple of layouts!

Well, I missed a few days of the challenge, due mostly to gorgeous weather.
The last 3 categories do not inspire me much and I think I'll skip them, but I wanted to do the one for day 27, as I knew which song I wanted to put. The theme is a song that you wish you could play. As I said, I don't play an instrument, and therefore there are many, but I did think for a while about trying to learn to play guitar as my hubby has a few and is a good guitar player. I can (probably as anyone else on the planet) play the first few notes of the song in question and it would be fun to be able to keep going (at least the rest of the verse and chorus, if not the solo...). You'll notice the first few notes are single notes not chords and they are played with the open strings, not need to use your left hand, which is the only reason I can play them... lol.
The song is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's Nothing Else Matters by Metallica:

And now, onto scrapping!
Here are a couple of layouts I've done in the past week. My CT duties will soon resume as Artgal Style's newest kit is coming out in her new store very soon, but until then, I'm trying to get inspired by challenges, for which I did this layout of me and Cédric at the park:

And I'm also trying to scrap some photos of Cédric eating, as I'm planning a book of layouts of him with food. The little man is a very good eater and loves food in general and it's a pleasure to see him eat most of the time.
In particular, he loves fruit and here's a layout of him eating watermelon:

Thanks for looking, happy scrapping!!