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Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching up...

Okay, so it was really nice weather, and Father's Day, so we were busy and I missed a few days of the challenge!!

I'll try to catch up here...
The first one I skipped was day 16, a song you used to love but now hate. I had to browse my iTunes collection to find one of those. It's a song by a French artist called Renaud. I don't like all of his music, I love some songs and hate others. There is one song called l'Hexagone that used to be my neighbour's favourite as a young teenager and I had learned to like it a lot, I thought the lyrics were clever and funny. They are actually very political (which is not surprising coming from him) and I've grown and learned to actually dislike the lyrics which I find a bit too drastic and rude and as the music was never actually good, too repetitive, I'm now to the point where if I listen to his Best Of album, I'm likely to skip the song:

Categories 17 and 18 ask a song you hear often on the radio and a song you wish you heard on the radio. As I don't listen to the radio at all, it's kind of hard to answer. Instead, I'll share an anecdote about the difference between countries. In France, one of the songs I used to hear all the time on the radio was one of my favourite U2 songs, Sunday Bloody Sunday. It played very often. When I moved to Canada, I was really surprised to hear quite a bit of U2 on the radio, but rarely if ever Sunday. So it'll be my answer for category 17 in France and category 18 in Canada ;)

And speaking about U2, day 19 asks for a song from your favourite album. That would have to be Achtung Baby. I love it from beginning to end. Choosing one song is tough, it's a really close call between three songs: One was a real contender, Mysterious Ways is awesome but I think my favourite has to be The Fly. I love the riff and the sound of The Edge's guitar and the high pitch back up in the chorus is too much fun!! Enjoy: (the actual song starts at 0:25)

And finally, today's category was a song that you listen to when you're angry. I don't specifically turn to music when I'm angry. But here are a couple of songs for a couple of occasions. The first one is by The All American Rejects. The lyrics suggest a break-up and as I've been happily married 7 years, I don't have any occasions to sing it to anyone, but I really like the first line of the chorus and I 'd love to sing it to anyone that gets me mad. Plus it's the music is fun and happy and I like the contrast. So if you annoy me at all "when you see my face hope it gives you hell"!!

The other song would be for anyone who gets me angry when I'm driving. The Offspring's discography is awesome to vent out some frustration as they allow you to swear guilt free, and Bad Habit is perfect to express what I think of some drivers out there (although I swear I have no gun in the glove box):

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the music!


Anonymous said...

j'étais surprise que U2 ne soit pas encore apparu dans tes choix.

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