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Monday, March 30, 2009

A crazy Sunday ... and a little gift

I had a bit of a crazy Sunday. First hubby left to go out of town until Wednesday (and it's always funner when he's home...).
Then I took a bit of time for me to go to yoga, and got my purse stolen while I was peacefully doing "downward dog" or some kind of warrior pose... All my IDs and bank cards plus my keys to the car and house and my cell phone were in there.
After the whole declaration to the police/retrieval of the car/cancellation of the cards ordeal I somehow slept well and morning came with good news: the police found my purse. And only my bank card and cell phone were missing. I got all my IDs and keys back. Good karma I guess!

So I thought I would spend today on the phone trying to get all this mess fixed and instead, I made you a quickpage with Moody!
Take a look:

Click on the 4shared link to download:

I'm almost done another kit so check back here often for more from me (or become a follower so you'll always know what's going on...).

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I actually scrapped. So today I took time to make myself a little layout, and I'm pretty happy with it!

I named it "My real guitar hero" because I noticed that most of the pictures scrapped with music themed kits were of people palying Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and while those games are fun, I wonder what happened to real music playing ... lol!

My hubby is a great guitar player and I snapped a rare picture of him with his Gibson ES 335. I scrapped it with Vicki and Sara's collab Let it Rock:

Like it?
Talk to you soon, I'm working on more goodies...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moody alpha, still free!

Better late than never, tonight I have the alpha coordinated with the Moody freebie!
I made it look like the stars and frames. I chose to leave it in metal, not make it blue or orange. I figured it's more versatile and you can recolour it as you wish!
Here's what it looks like:

Can I just say that I love the font I used for this alpha...lol. It's in all modesty as I didn't make that. I comes from the Free Scrapbook Fonts website, the best source of fonts I've seen so far. I love, love, love their work and I sincerely thank them for making so many nice fonts of such quality available to us!

Now that that's said, here's your link to go to 4shared and get the final piece of the Moody puzzle: http://www.4shared.com/file/94810313/e99dc832/moody_alpha.html

If the "Moody mood" strikes, I'll make a quickpage for the kit, so check back once in a while.
In the meantime, leave me some love if you download and enjoy the

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Moody elements

I'm glad some people are liking the kit and I won't make you wait any longer for the elements!
Here's what it looks like again, in case you forgot...lol:

You can get it by clicking here to go to 4shared:

Please leave me come comments, a bit of "love" goes a long way to
more freebies...
And don't forget to come back for the alpha.

PS: I noticed that more people got the first part of the papers than the second part, check to make sure you got both as there were two links... :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moody (freebie...)!

Let me start by saying that my husband is a genius (just stay with me a minute while I ramble, then I'll get to the freebie part of the post, lol)!
I work on an IMac computer and for those who know them, it's very hard to upgrade, you have to take it apart and gut it. Well, my very talented hubby (tired of hearing me complain about my computer being slow) bought me a brand new 1 terabyte hard drive and installed it for me!!! And he plans on upgrading me to 4 gigs of ram too, so that I can create some more kits for everyone!
Love you Dave!

Now, let's talk freebie...
I was in a really bad mood when I started this kit, so I decided to call it Moody before I even chose the colours. Then I chose to go with grey (still in a bad mood) and added a couple colours, went crazy with stars, and voilà, that's how this one was created!
It's a bit grungy looking but I think it turned out ok. Hope you like it!
Here's a full preview (papers, elements and alpha):

And here's the paper preview, which is what you get today:

They were a bit big this time, so there are two links to go to 4shared and download:

I  hope everyone enjoys this kit, I had fun making it. Leave me some love if you download (it encourages me to make more...) and check back tomorrow for the elements!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random news

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here...
I am trying to design a little, which is taking some time.
I didn't make Vicki's CT. Oh well... I still love all she does (and all the girls at the Scrap that Idea store for that matter).
But I do have exciting news... I'm a Hula Girl (CT member) for the website Scrapable! Check it out, it's a really nice site, with lots of talented designers to choose from, a gallery, a forum, ... and all that with a very relaxing Hawaiian theme (hence the Hula girl title).
Check out the new blinkies I get: (a general one for the store and one for being a Hula girl)

Aren't they awesome?
Wish me luck as I try to figure it all out and be ready for my debut on April 1st.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


A yummy layout of my son's first spaghetti experience! He loves food in general and spaghetti was not exception...
I scrapped it with Stacey's Red and Kitty kit (for sale in her Scrap that Idea store). It was double fun as I won it as a RAK for a Scrap N'Art challenge. The colours worked perfectly with his top and the high chair! Thanks Stacey!
And I am really proud of how I managed to integrate some elements on my son's bib. I grow everyday as a digiscrapper!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My first quickpage!

The last piece of the Poppylium freebie...a quickpage. It's my first quickpage as well, so I hope I did it right and I hope someone out there likes it and can find a use for it.
Here's the preview, and the link to 4shared to download it:


Hope you like it, have a great week-end!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Under Eros' gaze

That's the title (translated) of my latest layout of our civil wedding.
I should explain that I got married in France (even though I live in Canada) and there, you have to get married at city hall, then at church if you want to. But you need to get married in the city hall of the city where the bride resides. So we got married in the town where my parents live (near Paris), but the religious wedding took place 5 days later in Arles (in the south). That's why I say "civil wedding" and that's why I'm wearing pants!
The title comes from the statue of Eros (Greek god of love) that was right behind us.

I used Vicki's beautiful Summer Garden kit (and the fonts are Edwardian and Herculanum).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An award...

An award...for me...but I don't have a speech ready...lol
I guess I don't need to put on my nicest evening gown to say a huge thank you to Cinthya from Cinthya's digital things. I am very happy that my kit had a good response and I was not expecting an award. I'm glad you like my blog, Cinthya, and thank you very much for picking me!
So here it is:

"The PREMIO DARDOS AWARD" acknowledges the value that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday.

The Rules Are:
1. Accept the Award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person that gave it to you and their blog link.
2. Pass the Award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement. Remember to contact them to let them know that they have been chosen for this award.

So here's my list. Some of them might already have gotten it, but hey, they're just that good, they deserve it again...
1. Vicki - A Work in Progress
2. Stacey - Stacey's Scraps
3. Sara - Sweet Blossom Design
4. Linda - Bon Scrapatit
5. Mel - Mel's Lightbulb Moments
6. Charlie - Charlie's Digiscraps
7. Dawn - Snowsmoon's Designs
8. Cheryl - The Garden of my Life
9. Heidi - Scrapzilla
10. Anne-Laure - Mon Scrap en Plumes
11. Melissa - Melissa Daniel Designs
12. Karine - Karine Designs
13. Alyssa - Alyssa's Scraps
14. Fanfan - Fanfan Rue des Anges
15. Diana - Herman's Blog

Congrats to all of you ladies for blogs that are entertaining and fun to read.
I know most of you are very busy, so please don't feel obliged to mention it or pass it on. I'd rather you spend time on making freebies : )

Thanks again for the award Cinthya...

And the alpha!

Hi everyone,

Today, we are having a crazy wind storm over here. As it's garbage and recycling day, there's stuff flying everywhere, sliding on the snow and my dog Schatzie had decided to bark at everything. Fun!
But you didn't come here for a weather report did you?
Here is the last installment of the poppylium freebie: the alpha.
I had fun making it, although it was a lot of work... and I put my favourite element on it: the sequined rope! Hope you like it...
Here's a preview. Click on the link below it to take you to 4shared and download. And a little comment is always appreciated!



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I passed the 100 mark!

Ok, so I know for most designers, it's really not much, but I'm all proud of myself tonight as the download for my papers just hit over 100 on 4shared!
As a reward, tomorrow I'll give everybody the alpha...lol

Poppylium elements!

I'm guessing you're back for your freebie elements...lol
You're in luck, here they are!

Click on the link to take you to 4shared and download the freebie:

Enjoy, leave me some love if you download and come back tomorrow for the alpha!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My first freebie kit!

Well, here's what I've been up to this past week... I made my very first freebie kit!
It is called Poppylium because I picked the colours and theme of my logo (the painting I made, seen in my header). I personally love these colours and I do hope some people around scrapland will enjoy the kit.
So without further ado, here's the preview:

I obviously don't have a CT, so I made a layout myself, to show you what the kit looks like in action :)

Today, you get the papers:

Click on the link below to take you to 4shared and download your freebie. And check back tomorrow to get the elements!
Oh, and if you do download, please leave me a little comment to let me know if you like it. I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cross fingers

Today I applied for the most amazing CT! Vicki is saddly losing one of her members and therefore looking for someone to take her spot on the CT.
Please cross fingers for me (all week, because the call ends next Friday)!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No water...

It's the Middle Ages here! In my end of the town we live in, there hasn't been any water since Tuesday at lunchtime...
This morning we actually had to "visit" some family to shower and give a bath to my son.
I had no idea how much of a luxury it is to flush, shower, run the dishwasher or even do the dishes by hand...
And in the midst of all that, I haven't scrapped a layout, but I am busy scrapwise. More on that later!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy week-end

It was a bit busy at our house. Not extremely, just more than our usual. For the past 3 days, my son Cédric has been working on some new teeth and he's skipping naps and therefore acting tired and cranky. On top of that, Sunday morning our dog Schatzie got sick INSIDE our bed. If anyone reads Vicki's blog, I know how she feels. Schatzie ate a paper towel roll (just the tube in the middle, which Cédric likes to play with) and was therefore sick early in the morning in our bed.
In the middle of all that, I managed to scrap a tiny bit. It's a photo of our civil wedding. I'm not convinced about it though... I like that it's simple but I'm not sure if it's missing anything...I might revisit it someday.
I used Vicki's Summer Garden kit.

I also wanted to mention, in case someone doesn't know, that a new fabulous digiscrap store just opened! It's called Scrap that Idea and it's a team of four fabulous designers: Vicki, Stacey, Sara and Mel! Their prices are incredibly reasonable and it's a very nice website to navigate through.
So congrats to the four of them and if you have some shopping to do, make sure you start there!