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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tragically bad and a new layout

Well, today's category is another one that might get people mad...
The category is a song from a band you hate!
There's a lot of music I don't like but "hate" is a strong word. The only band I could think of that I consistently dislike, and whose music tends to make me change the station is The Tragically Hip. I really do hate their music, it rubs me the wrong way and I hate the singer's voice. The sadest part is that I lived for a while in their hometown and they played A LOT on most radio stations.
I don't know any of their songs by name, so I literally went on YouTube and picked the first one there. It's a live version of one of their most famous songs (I think), called New Orleans is Sinking (apparently).

Now let's move on to scrapping!! I did a layout about my little charity contribution. It doesn't change the world, but I'm happy to do it and it might change at least one life.

Done with Beth's Belief, a freebie by the ever-so-talented Kate Hadfield (I absolutely love her doodles).
Happy scrapping!


Anonymous said...

I really dislike them too. I've even been called unpatriotic because of it. However, this is probably the only song of theirs that I actually like.

Anne-Laure said...

Thanks for the clip, I actually enjoyed that song a lot (no kidding, I was dancing on my chair!) and we're listening to other songs and like each one Yves is finding! Seems you and me definitely don't have the same tastes in music...
A band that I really hate was easy to find, here comes the very noisy Korn! The first sample I found on youtube is a cover of Another Brick in the wall, and it's a real massacre:

Anne-Laure said...

One of Yves' most hated bands: Début de Soirée, and their unforgettable hit "nuit de folie"!

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