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Friday, June 10, 2011

A song you can dance to...

That's a hard one too, there are many options here. I love to waltz, and I took some ballroom and some swing lessons at different points in my life.
Of course, I also just enjoy shaking my bum on anything with a good rhythm (be it dance, pop or hip hop).
So I'll pick a song for which I know the official choreography, to which I've danced many many times when it first came out (especially at the aforementioned Fêtes de la Madeleine) and to my surprise as recently as last January at a Beach Party in Punta Cana: La Macarena by Los Del Rio!!

It's not a music masterpiece, I think we can all agree, but it's a lot of fun to dance to ;)

PS: I skipped yesterday, so I'll be back later today for the next category


Anne-Laure said...

any salsa of any kind! I can't help my feet and arms and hips and bum moving when I hear salsa!

this one is not the best, it's just any one I pikced up on youtube, as I can't remember right now any salsa group's name!


Anne-Laure said...

and for Yves, let's go for a country rock line dance hit!
"baby likes to rock it" by The Tractors


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