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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A song that defines you

That's today's music challenge category of course.
I'm not in an overly introspective mood but ever since I read the category I've thought of one song and I think it works well.
It represents the fact that I accept myself the way I am, that I can be a leader and make things happen and that I have a good and funky sense of humour ;)


Anonymous said...

J'adore la chanson, j'aime ton auto définition mais pour le titre tu exagères !

Anne-Laure said...
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Anne-Laure said...

This category is really easy!
First song that came to my mind, that could define me is "Chanter" from Florent Pagny

And for Yves it was easy too, this song was up to be the "less expected", but it suits this theme even better!
"Le chasseur" from Michel Delpech, one of his favorite songs...

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