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Saturday, July 2, 2011

One more song and a couple of layouts!

Well, I missed a few days of the challenge, due mostly to gorgeous weather.
The last 3 categories do not inspire me much and I think I'll skip them, but I wanted to do the one for day 27, as I knew which song I wanted to put. The theme is a song that you wish you could play. As I said, I don't play an instrument, and therefore there are many, but I did think for a while about trying to learn to play guitar as my hubby has a few and is a good guitar player. I can (probably as anyone else on the planet) play the first few notes of the song in question and it would be fun to be able to keep going (at least the rest of the verse and chorus, if not the solo...). You'll notice the first few notes are single notes not chords and they are played with the open strings, not need to use your left hand, which is the only reason I can play them... lol.
The song is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's Nothing Else Matters by Metallica:

And now, onto scrapping!
Here are a couple of layouts I've done in the past week. My CT duties will soon resume as Artgal Style's newest kit is coming out in her new store very soon, but until then, I'm trying to get inspired by challenges, for which I did this layout of me and Cédric at the park:

And I'm also trying to scrap some photos of Cédric eating, as I'm planning a book of layouts of him with food. The little man is a very good eater and loves food in general and it's a pleasure to see him eat most of the time.
In particular, he loves fruit and here's a layout of him eating watermelon:

Thanks for looking, happy scrapping!!


Vicki said...

Fabulous song choice - LOVE Metallica!
And what a gorgeous layout - love that photo of you and Cédric!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love the page of you and your son at the park! Great layout idea!

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