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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I fixed the word verification!!

My sister let me know that the word verification was buggy and that she wasn't able to leave comments. I checked and it did the same for me, so I assume it's my blog that was at fault. Until I can figure out how to fix it, I've removed the word verification step, so comment away people!! (I love to get comments ;) )


Anne-Laure said...

it wooooooooorks! at least!

what an interesting comment! ;-))

by the way, do you know how to answer the comments? so you can let us know your opinion about our choices... ;-)



PS: am I the only contributor here? I'll go make a little advertising on facebook for your challenge...

Anonymous said...

A force de vous l'entendre chanter j'ai saisi les paroles, ça fait peur ! Et pourtant j'adore cette chanson autant pour la musique sublime que pour les souvenirs associés.
Merci mes filles !

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