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Friday, January 29, 2016

Frugal Friday

I will be frugal with my words, lol

It's been too long, I just want to catch you up on the scraps, and as my designers have moved stores, I realize that posting the preview of the kits can lead to a lot of broken images. So here are just my scraps for the past little while. It will be quick to read and hopefully enjoyable :D

All my layouts are by Bella Gypsy Designs, now exclusively at the Lilypad.

My latest is with the Snap Happier February 2016 Bundle
It's my little guy hugging his service dog while comfortably seated in the awesome special needs cart the grocery store just got:

With the Everything Nice Bundle, I scrapped our photo with Belle on the Disney Dream cruise ship:

And with Frosted, I scrapped our gorgeous gentle giant in the park during our walk with the first little bit of snow:

And that's it for today!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Last weekend was Thanksgiving in the US and I'm guessing a lot of people are still eating leftovers (they're the best!).
For me, the leftovers are the layouts I scrapped and never showed you, and as it happens, a few of them are Thanksgiving photos, so it works out well :D
I'll start with them:

Every year I get a photo of the three of them on Thanksgiving (the Canadian one, in October!). I hadn't yet scrapped the one from 2013 or last year. So I used Bella Gypsy's gorgeous Thanksgiving themed kits to scrap them.

For the photo from last year, I used the Together Bundle. It's a beautiful bundle with a family and friends theme. I LOVE it:

And here's what I did with it:

And the second bundle they have for Thanksgiving is Gobble Til You Wobble. It's a super fun food themed one :D

I used this one for our 2013 photo:

A few years ago, I did two pages with the same kit, one with the photo and one with a journaling card that said what I was thankful for since the past Thanksgiving. I loved the idea and wanted to do it for all our Thanksgiving since my little guy was born. But I never did, so this weekend, I took the opportunity and did a second layout with this kit. The journaling is in French, but in short it says we were thankful for family and friends visiting, for our Florida vacation, for Cedric starting a special program, and for the decision to get a service dog:

I will make another with Together and hopefully eventually work my way back to past Thanksgiving!

And the other layouts I have to show are all of really cute, fun photos of fun times, and I am thankful for these memories, so it still works ;)

First with the A Little More Bundle:

For a photo of me being super silly at a party:

Then with the Owl Yours Bundle:

For a super adorable photo of my dude being silly in the car:

And finally, with the We Go Together Bundle:

For a very sweet photo of me and my little guy while he was in the swings at the park. I LOVE this photo!

Hope you like them :D

Friday, November 27, 2015

My first digiscrap Farmer's Market

Looking at the date of my last post, it's easy to see I have neglected this blog :/
Oh well, I'm here now :D

Since October, we have had Thanksgiving, hubby and I spent a week in the Dominican Republic, I fell and hurt my back, our service dog arrived along with some training and bonding to do, and we are getting ready for 18 days in Florida (including lots of Disney World and a Disney cruise!!).

But I have found time to scrap, just not to blog about it. I'm going to split my layouts in two posts because it would be overwhelming I think, lol. So I'll keep the older layouts I made over the past month and a half, and for now I'll just show you the latest for this past week.

This week was my first time being on Bella Gypsy's CT as they release kits for the Scrap Orchard Farmer's Market. ALL the kits that are released there are $1 only for this weekend!!! And the designers go all out, Bella Gypsy created 18 new kits for this week :O
I only used 7 of them, but still, that's a lot more scrapping than average for one week.
So here they are! (in alphabetical order to make things easier!)

Backstage Pass:

Used for the photos of our little weekend escapade to see Bryan Adams' concert in Toronto:

Funny Boy:

Used for cute photos of my dude being silly in the swings at the park (that face!!):

Gingerbread Kisses:

Used for old photos of my little guy enjoying the Early Years Centre's Christmas in 2010 (with homemade treats by some of the staff and parents and a gift I made for him :D):

Home for Christmas:

I used this one for some precious photos of me, my little dude, my nephew and my aunt sharing a story time cuddle during the last Christmas holidays we spent in France, too long ago...:

Santa's Workshop:

This one was perfect for our photos of the "sensitive santa" last year at the YMCA (various volunteers who work with and for special needs kids organize a visit and photos with Santa in a quiet, less crowded, less stimulating, environment, and they even get a gift!):

Twinkle Town:

I used this one for photos of our cute little tree, the only decoration we put up last year because we were gone for the holidays:

Warm Wishes:

This last one was used for photos of me all bundled up to walk our puppy at the time. I was dedicated to walking her daily despite the frigid weather, I will do the same for our new doggie!

That't it for now. Now go to the Farmer's Market and get some great deals!

Friday, October 9, 2015

A scrapper's dozen :D

Fall has been busy so far!
The little dude is transitioning back to regular school which has included some meetings and adjustments. It's going very well though, and he is in the very good hands of a very dedicated team in a brand new autism classroom :D
I have also gone back to "work", with a few days of supply teaching.
And my free time, of which I am very thankful to have a good amount, has been spent scrapping and organizing photobooks. I had 2 free books from Shutterfly and one prepaid hugely discounted one from Picaboo, all of which expired in the last 5 days of September...

So I made front and back covers and organized the scraps in the order I wanted them for the book I had been preparing for a long time (the Picaboo one about our 2013 xmas holidays in Florida) and which had 64 scraps :/ That took a while to upload! Then I gathered some extra photos to fill empty pages in the March 2014 road trip to Florida, and I scrapped a front and back cover for it. And finally, I frantically looked for an idea for one last free book, decided to scrap our summer 2014 trip to Florida with Cedric's service dog Helio, realized I didn't have time to scrap it all, came up with a mixed book (every page spread has one side of photos and text and one side with a scrap), finished the last few scrapped pages I needed, made a front cover and VOILÀ!
To make all this simpler, I managed to use some of the new releases for my books ;)

In the end, the one thing I totally skipped was blogging, so it's been a while, and I have 12 scraps to post... If you're still with me by now, I hope you're comfortable and ready for some eye-candy :D
I'm going to bullet-point them for you!

Two pages from our visit to the Great Wold Lodge:

With the Cool Story, Bro Bundle:

The covers for the xmas 2013 book:

A page about our first ride on the 7 Dwarves Mine Train, for the summer 2014 book:

Our visit at Hollywood Studios for the summer 2014 book:

Our experience in the hyperbaric chamber for the summer 2014 book:

With Best Buds and Woof:

The front cover for the summer 2014 book:

A page of selfies with friends at a cancer fundraiser and a page of our future service dog Mani smiling :D

And last but not least, with the We Just Click Bundle:

My desktop for the month, and a page of the amazing ring my hubby had the local goldsmiths design and make for me with the tanzanite he got my a few years ago for my 30th birthday:

Aaaaaaaand that's it!
If you're still with me, thanks for looking, hope you like them :D

Monday, September 14, 2015

The other blog

Here's a quick mid-week post about my other blog!
Many of my readers are friends and family and know about both. But if you know me and this  blog strictly through digiscrap, you may not know about the other blog I write.

On "the other blog", I write about life with a little guy on the autism spectrum.
The reason I came here to talk about it is that I now have the coolest blog header ever over there.
A little while ago, Kate Hadfield had a contest for which fans would submit an idea for a design and some random people would be picked and win a version of said idea in her iconic hand-drawn style.
The winners ranged from a mouse and cheese plate, to an owl with glasses and a book. But in the mix, there was a little guy with a puzzle piece on his t-shirt and a service dog by his side...
You guessed it, that was my little guy with his autism awareness shirt and his yellow lab :D
I hurried to design something with it, using other Kate Hadfield pieces to go along with it. And then I had a veeeery hard time figuring out how to include it in my premade blogger template. Hubby, who's a computer geek, tried to help but couldn't figure out the designer's html logic and today, all by myself, I managed! Yay me!

So here's the blog header in two language for "the other blog":

I write in English because I live in Canada and can reach a wide audience, but also in French because I want my family in France to be able to read and in the hopes of reaching some people in France who also live with autism.
My hopes are that people who are not touched by autism might read and understand a little better, and that those who do live with autism can find comfort in the feeling of shared experience and sometimes maybe find a little advice or help.
I hope you like the blogo (did I just invent a word for a blog logo? Probably not, but I've never heard it and I am pretty proud of it right now :D) and if you want to read, I'd love for you to read the blog(s):