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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A good cause!

I just wanted to spread the word about this RAK.
Kim, who is on Vicki's CT is giving away a gorgeous freebie and asking for donations to help a friend whose adorable 12 year old son has to travel for open heart surgery. If any of you are able to help, it would be great!
The kit looks like this:

Please visit her blog to read more about it and give if and what you can!

On a Crisp Autumn Day alpha

I'm glad you like the kit. I have to say that I myself LOVE that colour palette and I'm really happy with the kit!

I had fun with the alpha. I made it orange with a teal edge, and with kind of a sticker border. But I also decided to make it "stitchable". You might have noticed a long stitch in the elements, I used the same stitch to make a sshort one that you can used for each letter (with two "finished" ends). Then I thought, "what if people want to stitch the whole title or text together?". Because of the end look to the stitch, it wouldn't look great. So you'll notice that I made one with "ends" and one without, and if you make a bottom layer with the ends and overlap a top layer with no ends, you can produce a stitch of any length you need!
Does any of that make sense? :/

Hopefully when you see it, you'll get it... in the meantime, here's what the alpha looks like:

Just click on the image or here to get it!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for a cluster frame and Friday for a quickpage!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crisp elements and some blabla...

Hi everyone!

Before I get to the kit, I wanted to share a bit of "me" news. First I'm excited as we just bought me a new vehicle... yay! I was driving a 96 Honda accord and though it was great to have, I was ready for a change. I now have a brand new Kia Sportage and I'm really excited!!!
Also wish me luck for tonight as I will take Cédric for his first swimming lesson. He's only 21 months, so I have to put on my bathing suit and get in the water too and as much as I love the idea of getting him used to the water, I don't know how it will go... Cross fingers for us!

Now, let's talk freebie ;)
First, I want to show you what Anne-Laure did with it. Her pictures didn't inspire her for this kit, so she did her family planner for the next two months:

Isn't that a really cool idea?! I'm slowly adding activities for Cédric (play groups, swimming, intro to music,...), I do yoga and when you add the doctors, dentist and other appointments and all the holidays, visits, etc., I think I might need one of those!

Now I'll let you have the elements so you can do your own layouts, calendars, planners...
The kit looks like this:

You can get it by clicking on the image or here!
Please leave some love it you like it. You might also have noticed that I added a guestbook at the bottom of the blog page. Please please please show me anything you've done with my kits, I would truly LOVE to see it!
See you tomorrow for the alpha ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

You're finally getting it!

Today, you get the kit that I used to decorate my blog. It's called On a Crisp Autumn Day and I didn't do a layout but I did the blog background and header with it.

Let me show you the preview for the whole kit:

Before I give you the papers, I'll show you what my CT did with it!
First Émilie with a layout of her beautiful daughter:

Then Judith with the cutest little kitty:

Tomorrow, I'll show you what my sister did (not your average layout, you'll see).
Today you get the papers and they look like this:

There are two links for them:

Make sure you come back for the rest. Tomorrow I'll give you the elements, then the alpha and I actually have a cluster frame made by me and a quickpage made by my sister for you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall look

The weather has started to get colder (tonight it will get under 0 celsius) and it's really starting to look like fall around here!
That put me in the mood for redecorating and it's easier to do the blog than the house, lol!

I decided to "dress up" my blog a bit with a background and then the header didn't match anymore, so I redid it! Do you like it???

It's also a (really revealing) sneak peek as I used the kit I will be giving as a freebie in about a week, so if you like the blog, you'll like the kit!

Have a good week-end and happy scrapping ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Would you like an alpha with that?

I truly believe that no kit is complete without a matching alpha and collabs are awesome for that because you get two!
Before I show you the alphas, I want to show you the last few layouts.
First, my sister Anne-Laure surprised me with 2 more layouts yesterday, take a look:

I have no idea who the bride is, but she's pretty and the layouts are great! Merci Nenaure!

The 2 designers of the collab also decided to do layouts ;)
Here's Vicki's (I love it!):

And mine:

Today, you get the last piece of the collab, the two alphas you've been seeing on the layouts!
Take a look at Vicki's, it's so fun, I love it (click on the preview to go to her blog):

And mine (clickable to go to 4shared and download!):

I do have a few things to add (so I hope you kept reading...).
First, a huge thank you to you Vicki, for doing this collab with me!
Second, thanks to both CTs for all the awesome inspiration they provided.
And finally, I want to let you know about a font I discovered yesterday which would go soooo well with this kit. It's called Bubble and I love it. It's free right here (just scroll down the list to find it):
I like it so much I'm thinking of making an extra alpha...
Enjoy the kit and happy scrapping!

PS: there will be more freebies, the next one is almost ready and should be released in a week and a half, so keep visiting the blog...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pop Shop collab elements!

I am so happy about the popularity of this collab. You seem to be enjoying getting it about as much as I enjoyed making it, and that's definitely what designing kits is all about!

Before I give you the elements, I want to show you more great layouts from my CT and Vicki's.
First there's Émilie's gorgeous layout (her son is really photogenic, isn't he?):

Judith also made a second layout (thanks Judith ;)):

Vicki's CT members also made amazing layouts:


Vicki A:

And Cheryl:

Tomorrow, I'll show you mine!

Until then you get both sets of elements today. Click on Vicki's preview to go to her blog and download:

And click on my preview to get to 4shared:

Don't forget to leave Vicki and me some love...it's never too much ;)
See you tomorrow for the alpha!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A new freebie at last and it's ...

A collab!!!
Not only that, it's a collab with the very talented Vicki of A Work in Progress!!!
I'm so excited about this one, she's a great designer and she was a pleasure to work with!

Now, let's talk freebie. It's called Pop Shop and it's really different and fun, at least I think so ;)
Take a look first at Vicki's part:

Gorgeous isn't it?
And now my part:

Now before I let you have anything, I have to show you some layouts that my CT and Vicki's did with this kit. They're all very talented and should provide some inspiration!

First Judith's gorgeous volcano pics:

And this is my sister Anne-Laure's layout:

And now a couple of Vicki's CT's layouts:


And Kim's:

They're all amazing layouts, aren't they! I'll show you more tomorrow.

Today you get the papers. Here are Vicki's, linked to her blog to download:

And mine:
There are 2 links for them (they are on 4shared, but were freshly uploaded today and should be safe):
Pop Shop papers 1
Pop Shop papers 2

I sure hope you like it, leave Vicki and me some love if you download and then maybe we'll collaborate again!
See you tomorrow for the elements!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bla bla

Just that, a bit of blabla to fill the silence.
I had an amazing long week-end. We went to the cottage and did a bit of fishing. The weather was amazing. On Sunday, we took a walk around a lake in town then ate the fish Dave caught on the deck. Monday was grey and rainy but we managed to fit in a walk around the block. We took time to take baths...just the happiest most relaxing week-end!
Tomorrow, I get a massage, yay!

In the midst of all that I'm scrapping for me and I'll be designing again very soon!
Next week I'll be back with new things for you, until then: happy scrapping!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy September!

I know that's not really a thing, but despite the fact that it's back to school time and that the summer is coming to an end, I was thinking it could still be happy!

I'm just stopping by to say hi and let my few but awesome followers that I'm still here and still designing. The next kit I'll release will be fun and with a little surprise that I'll have a hard time keeping to myself (but I can make it...).

Until then, happy September and happy scrapping!