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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June desktop and more song challenge

A little scrapping finally got done today! I have my June desktop, done with Cutie Pie by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki. Take a look:

And now , onto today's 30 day song challenge category: a song you know all the words to. If I started listing the songs of which I know all the lyrics, I would die doing it, lol.
What I love most when listening to music is singing along. To my Dad's great disappointment, my Mom, sister and I spent all our family road trips singing along to the music on the radio or sound system. We did it at home too. We just like singing (and he likes to actually listen to the music and enjoy it...).
So both in the French repertoire and, as soon as I knew enough English to learn the lyrics, in the anglophone one, I know a LOT of song lyrics.
But the first time I remember making the conscious effort to learn all the lyrics to a song was when I was about 15. It was a song in English and I absolutely wanted to be able to sing along and asked a friend who had them to copy the lyrics for me. The song was Hotel California by The Eagles. To this day I still absolutely love the song, sing along knowing the lyrics and I even have a lot of fun "singing" the never-ending guitar solo at the end!


Anonymous said...

Wow! first one for a comment today!
this is my first participation to your song contest (toot much fun!) and my choice for todays theme is ... exactly the same as yours! also its quite recent because I discovered the few words I didn't know last february during our holiday in Canaries. I sang it for a Karaoke night and people really enjoyed it (big applause, everybody singing the chorus along with me...). Quite a happy moment to remind.
but I prefer the acoustic version: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39ka4_eagles-the-hotel-california-acousti_news
the guitar solos are so gorgeous!

Anne-Laure said...

Yves' selection: Peruvian Skies (by Dream Theater)


yes, I know, you've already seen it in my selection... ;-)

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