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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guilty pleasure

That's today's category (or rather yesterday's which I missed...): a song that is a guilty pleasure.
I thought about that one for a while and realized it's not really one song but a full category that's a guilty pleasure for me. And that category is kid's music!!
Parents have to listen to a lot of kiddie music. Usually it's repetitive, the lyrics are less than inspiring and a lot of it out there is just really bad. But there are some really fun songs for children. Most parents complain and say they can't wait for the day when they don't have to endure it anymore... well I sometimes think I'm really going to miss some of it.
Things like Annie Brocoli, a great children's singer and performer from Québec.

Or Bobs and Lolo, whose job I actually wouldn't mind having. I love the harmonies. This song is my favourite because the lyrics are so cute (it's a live version, only one I could find...):


Anne-Laure said...

Today I'll stop flooding on your blog and make a two-in-one post for Yves and I.
So here's my guilty pleasure, it's as kitsch as can be but was probably one of the first songs I sang when I was a little girl, and I still love it.
Marie Myriam, "l'oiseau et l'enfant"
(I really hesitated with Abba...)

And Yves' one is even more kitsch than mine, and from earlier seventies.
jeanette "Porque te vas"

Anne-Laure said...

I find worse! and I am really very ashamed of loving that one... but can't help singing it loud and clear:


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