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Friday, February 21, 2014

A little LOVE!

Just a quick post about P52! Last week was valentine's day and it made sense that the prompt for P52 was "love".

I waited until V-day to take my photos and I didn't think too much about it.
I did take a photo of the beautiful flowers hubby got me, which I  love! And of the dessert we had when he took me out for lunch, and I love both our dates and food :D
But it had to be a photo of the love we give each other, of our family. I love our little family!!
And all of us are cuddly, affectionate people, so a family hug made sense.

Of course, it's always hard to get good photos of the three of us, because it requires an end-of-arm type of shot (thank goodness for hubby's loooooong arms, lol) and because Cédric rarely cooperates...
So it's a typical photo of us, but a very happy one anyways!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jen Yurko's CT WOOHOO

As the title suggest, I have been selected to join a new creative team. I recently joined Jen Yurko's CT and I love it.
She's super nice and easy going, and the team seems like a great group of people! And of course, I LOVE her designs :D
She's exclusively at ScrapTakeout and her store is full of gorgeous stuff!

So here's a look at the layouts I've created with her products so far:

With the Berry Tangerine collection , I scrapped the buffet at the Crystal Palace:

With the Happiness Begins With Me Collection (a collaboration with Hat of Bunny), I scrapped me on my birthday having a couple of treas in the Germany Pavillion of Epcot:

You already saw this one, but here's another look at us in the China Pavillion of Epcot, done with A Little East:

I used A Girl Named Bored collection (I love the name of this kit :D) to do my February desktop:

And the first one I did for her was us in Epcot again, with the gorgeous Monster Hugs Collection:

Don't you love her designs!!
I'm so happy to get to play with them :D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Disney, Disney and more Disney

WARNING: Disney puked all over my week-end last week and all over this blog post!

A couple of weeks ago I discovered MouseScrappers. I think it was while browsing Pinterest for Disney things...
And as I browsed their forum, I saw they were having a speed scrap marathon from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th. I was supposed to work all day Friday and had given up on the idea when the stomach flu hit! All three of us had a horrible flu all week-end, we were stuck at home, with no energy, so I scrapped my butt off :D
I did not have enough energy or time to do the whole marathon. They had 16 speed scraps over 3 days!! But I did make 9 layouts!! And here they all are!!

1. My son meeting all the Winnie the Pooh characters at the Crystal Palace on his 6th birthday:

Done with Happy Days by Mel Hains Designs

2. Some random views of the China Pavillion and the three of us eating there at the Nine Dragons:

Done with A Little East by Designs by Jen Yurko

3. The Dude in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground at Hollywood Studios:

Done with Monster Mash by Pretty In Green

4. A look at us meeting Mickey and Minnie in 2009 and 2013

Done with Main Street Magic by Connie Prince, Mouse Scraps by Fran B and It's A Good Life by Just Jaime

5. The three of us taking our family photo in almost every park (I realized after that we had more of those, like the one at Blizzard Beach that you can see in a lower layout):

Done with Forever Family by Bella Gypsy and a template by Megan Turnidge

6. My crew arriving in Epcot (Cédric with his Dad and all 4 grand-parents, doesn't happen very often!!):

Done with Earthy by Artgal Style

7. Group photos at Blizzard Beach:

Done with Happy Go Lucky and Girls Rule by Artgal Style

8. The Magician Hat of Hollywood Studios (it was out first time!):

Done with The Fourth and Magic by Simple Girl Scraps

9. My hubby really enjoying his millefeuille in the France Pavillion in Epcot:

Using Cook With Me by Danimoy Designs (retired), I Live I laugh I Love by Simple Girl Scraps (kit retired), and Baked Memories by Modern June Designs

The marathon has inspired me to keep going, so you might see more Disney photos soon :D

Hope you like them, and if you have anything Disney related to scrap, I highly recommend a visit to MouseScrappers for inspiration!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

The weather...

That was this week's prompt for March to December's P52.

Asking someone as North as I am to talk or take photos of the weather in January or February is mean! It's cold, there's been snow for too long already and it's going to look the same for a few months... It's just depressing!
But I have to admit, we had a sunny week at least, so it makes it a little better, and it can make for pretty photos.
I took a few and as always I have a hard time choosing, so here are my favourites:

That's the view of our deck and the neighbourhood behind the house from our patio door. That white pile in the front is our deck :( Soooo much snow! But pretty blue sky...

This one was taken while taking a ride after picking up The Dude to enjoy the sun. I find it capture the look and feel of a winter sun. So different than a summer sun!

This one, taken on the way back from the farm to get our eggs, the sun was setting. I tried but failed to capture the snow that was flying sideways on the road and the snow banks. It was windy!!

There you have it, it has looked like this for months and will look like this for months... Snow is really pretty, but 6 months of it is just too much ;)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Me, Myself and I

It's P52 time again:

Last week's prompt was "self portrait".
I don't take a lot of self portraits, but I do have a few. So I wasn't sure how to make it something fresh, a little different than other ones I might have taken before.
La'Shawn who hosts the project mentioned the snow in my photos, so I thought I could keep the theme going and I took one of me outside:

But I find I look like a man on it, lol. Somehow, I never find the right angle when taking a "selfie" (man I hate that word...). I always have neck folds, or my nose looks huge (like in this one), ...
But later the same day, I had an opportunity to take one that I thought had a cute concept.
I was playing with my little dude in the car while waiting for something, and I was showing him myself making faces on my phone, than flipping the camera so he would see himself, and so on. And I thought it would be cute to take a portrait of how he sees me when I turn around in the car to interact with him (not while driving, of course...). And it turned out pretty cute :D

Not Photography with a capital P, but a cute candid everyday shot!

And while I'm putting photos of myself on here, La'Shawn has requested (demanded!) to see my new Harry Potter t-shirt. I figured she would want to see the Harry Potter mug too, so here are front and back photos of both :D
So here's me in my Ministry of Magic t-shirt, using my Marauder's Map mug (note the involuntary alliteration in "m", hehehe):

Hoping to be back later with scrappy stuff!