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Monday, February 28, 2011


...is crazy right now, lol!

I'm just passing by really quick to let everyone know about an awesome sale coming at Scrap That Idea. Take a look at the ad:

Crazy, right? You spend $5 on something fun you wanted anyway and you enter the chance to win big!!
Happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not much...

I haven't been scrapping much and the few layouts I have done, I have to wait for release to show you.
But I just thought I'd say hi.
It's warming up a tad here and we're getting close to 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) which is a nice break from the cold. Hopefully spring is coming soon because I'm getting really tired of the cold and most of all of the coat/mittens/hat/boots dance with Cédric, my 3-year-old, every time we go out!
Cédric does not nap anymore, which is part of the reason for my scrapping less. He gets really tired at night, but we've managed to make his bedtime earlier and ensure he gets enough sleep.
My hubby and I are starting a new diet to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. We're also considering joining the new gym in town. Wish us luck!
Well, that's enough blabla for tonight, thanks for reading (and I would love for any of you to say hi, if you have time ;) ).
Happy scrapping!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun CU Wedding templates

Today, I want to show you Stacey's Scraps latest product. Last week she released a wedding kit, today she's releasing some of the adorable doodled elements from it in a CU template pack.
Take a look at the preview:

The templates are fully coloured in case you want to use them as is, but each one come as a .psd layered template and with all the seperate png files in case you can't open .psd files. So as you'll see in my layout, you can recolour to your heart's content!
I used her kit Autumn and matched the cake and bouquet from the Wedding CU templates to the colours of my wedding. Take a look at my cake topper:

Cute, eh? If you have been procrastinating on your wedding album or want to make one as a gift, this CU pack could allow you to use any kit that matches the wedding and easily add and match the wedding doodles, because let's face it, it's nearly impossible to find a wedding kit in the colours of a specific wedding. I know I never did.
Happy scrapping!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Valentine's Day layout and an album!

Cédric got some heart glasses as a gift on Valentine's Day and he kept them on long enough for me to take a couple of pics, yay!
So I did a layout with the Scrap That Idea collab Summer of Love:

Cute glasses on a cute little man!
I also finally finished a mini album I had started a while ago. I chose a theme for my album based on the title of the kit I used: Live Laugh Love by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki. I thought it was a nice concept and there were a few challenges around the time I started that worked well together, so I kept making layouts with the kit for different challenges and ended up with most of an album. I did two pages for "live", two pages for "laugh" and two pages for "love". I also made a layout with just text around the "theme" and thought it would work well for the back cover. I decided to use the leaf to represent "live", the sun to represent "laugh" and the heart to represent "love" as you can see in that back cover layout and therefore used them more specifically on the appropriate pages. And I finally found a challenge at Scrapable to make my front page with a cool template that said "love" really big, so I added "live" and "laugh" and voilà!
First let me show you this gorgeous kit "Live, Laugh, Love":

And here are the layouts in the order I'll place them in the album:

Now I have to decide how to print it... I'm hesitating between gluing the pages on cardboard, to make a chunky album, buying a hard cover album and inserting the pages or buying some album refills, inserting in them and binding them with ribbons... Any insight would be appreciated!!
Thanks for looking and happy scrapping!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today, I'll show you a layout I made for the 1, 2, 3, Follow Me challenge at Scrapable. My digi friend Amy! always hosts it and always has awesome steps to follow.
And as tomorrow is Valentine's day, if you haven't found the perfect love kit yet, you'll love I {heart} You by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki (which came out last week).

Take a look at my layout which features my son and his love for chocolate:

Can you see the love all over his face (right under the chocolate, lol)?
Hope you like it...
Happy scrapping!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

That's the name of Vicki's new kit, which I wanted to show you. It's perfect for boys and more, the alpha comes in 3 colours and the colours are so fresh!
Take a look (pics are linked to the store and it's only $3 this week):

On top of all that, as usual, Vicki has a freebie for you! It's a fun wordart (preview linked to Vicki's blog):

Gorgeous right? Enjoy the freebie and if you like it, go get the kit!
Happy scrapping!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Too much?

So I skipped a week and now 3 posts in a day? Am I boring you yet? LOL

The thing is, Friday is new releases in digiland, and more specifically at Scrap That Idea, so I have new kits to show you!

First up is a super cute wedding kit by Stacey's Scraps called Always and Forever. It's got some adorable doodles and very nice colours which were perfect for my in-laws' wedding. Take a look at the kit and my layout:

The second kit is called A Day In The Life and it's a nice versatile kit in a very nice colour palette by Artgal Style. I used it to scrap the alphabet I made for my son as a sort of advent calendar. I hand-drew a picture for each letter and I gave him the binder. Then each day of the advent he picked a sticker of a letter, got the sheet with the picture, placed the sticker and we sang the alphabet. It was great fun! Take a look at the kit and layout:

Tomorrow I'll show Vicki's new kit. It's a gorgeous boy kit, don't miss it!
Happy Scrapping!


I'm super proud of myself!! I had this new look ready last week for Chinese New Year, but hubby and I couldn't figure out how to make the background the right size... And now I have figured it out, all by myself (woohoo).
Hope you like the zen look :)

(I still have to get rid of the little white corners on the header, but for now, it'll do)

Of course...

Of course, I make a good decision to blog more often, I try to get organized, I start out okay, and... everybody in the house gets sick! All three of us have been feeling really sick since Sunday. Cédric had high fevers and hubby and I got some too (mostly at night). The little man woke up about twice a night most of the week and we're all exhausted. Right now it's 10am and he's not even up yet?!?! I guess he's catching up and his system is working hard against the infection...

I'm not scrapping as much as I'd like, but let me show you a layout I made for a font challenge at Scrapable. The font we had to use is called Love Letter TW, so I decided to use Vicki's gorgeous Love Letters kit (which you can get at Scrap That Idea by clicking on the name) and that led me to the theme of the layout. I scrapped about my mom's stamp collection! Take a look:

The journaling says this: I often think about my Mom who collects stamps... Communication between us in easier via gmail or Skype than through post. Even cards are often replaced by their digital equivalent or by a scrapped card. But with all that the stamp collection must suffer! I try to keep all the ones I receive and I make sure to choose nice ones when I send something in the mail and I hope it makes her happy!

I'll be back later with some new releases.
Happy scrapping!

Friday, February 4, 2011

911 Rescue!!

No fire at my house... It's the name of Vicki's latest kit! She made this one based on a blog reader's request and anyone with a little boy or a firefighter in their life is going to love it!
It's full of bright colours and fun elements for only $3 (until next release).
Take a look at 911 Rescue (linked to the store):

Happy scrapping!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year (as I didn't do the Western calendar New Year...). I believe we're starting the year of the rabbit and if I find the time, I'll try to redecorate my blog some time soon with my Chinese Zodiac kit (still available as a freebie).
For this Chinese New Year, I'm wishing for my 3-year-old son to go back to falling asleep easily. He used to be great at it and it was both quick and pleasant to put him down, but since we came back from vacation last week-end, he's been screaming hysterically for 30 minutes to over an hour and we have to stay in his room with him until he's fully asleep. So tonight we're moving him to his big boy room and bed hoping the change might be positive, or at least that we won't have to go through it again later (getting him used to his current room now and his new room later doesn't make much sense). Plus he's been throwing himself out of bed and could get hurt, whereas his new bed his lower to the ground. Wish us luck!!

On to scrappy news. I haven't had much time to scrap but today I did my desktop for the month. I used the Calendar Collection by A Work In Progress Designs by Vicki. The paper and leaves are from the January bundle and the elements and alphas are from the February bundle.

And here's my desktop, using a photo of us leaving the Dominican Republic a few days ago where we spent two weeks with my parents:

PS: I couldn't finish my post before Cédric's bedtime, so I went up, brushed his teeth, sat him in his new bed (no screaming), read him a story twice (no screaming), told him to lie down and started singing (no screaming), switched the light off and kept singing (no screaming), moved to the side of the bed and sang some more (no screaming) and he fell asleep and I left the room, closed the door and came down to finish my post ... YAY!!! So keep your fingers crossed for him to keep this trend and our evening to be peaceful once more ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it too late for resolutions?

I didn't make any resolutions in January, I don't really ever do and I don't think they are for me (I never follow through...).
But I realize now how much I have neglected my blog lately and I think I'll try things differently this year (or as of now anyways).
I used to wait to do a post and end up with massive ones which most of the time lead me to give up on them and not do a post at all. Now I'm going to try to make shorter ones more often and see how that works.
Here's the first one to show you the brand new Scrap That Idea collaboration for February 2011. It's a love theme but with fun colours! Take a look at Funky Love:

And here's my layout, in which you can see me getting a big mushy kiss from a Sea Lion (at a park in the Dominican Republic). The layout is called Mwah, each kiss was punctuated by a big kiss sound effect :)

The kit is only $4 and well worth it and the preview is linked for easy access to the store ;)
Happy Scrapping!