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Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge!

I thought this seemed like a fun one to do!
The challenge, if you haven't seen it around, asks to select a song for a specific connotation each day for 30 days.
As I'm starting it on the 4th, I'll do the first four today and then try to do one per day (or if I can't be that consistent, I'll do clusters ;P ).
So here it goes, I'm going to fight my personality and try NOT to overthink every choice...

day 01 - your favorite song
That's almost impossible to answer as there are so many in so many styles... I think it would be easier for me to give my husband's favourite than mine... (at this point I'm doing what I said I wouldn't and way overthinking it, lol). I'll pick Kings Horses by Jet a little randomly. There's something really cool about a rock waltz!

day 02 - your least favorite song
That's almost as hard, I can't think of much that I actually hate right now! There is one that annoys me to no end, because I find the lyrics make no sense, the distortion on the voice gets on my nerves and mostly because despite all that, it's kind of catchy :( It's Fireflies by Owl City (apparently, I didn't even know who sings it...).

day 03 - a song that makes you happy
Somehow this one is easy, the first song that came to mind is I Want You Bad by The Offspring. I LOVE that song, it gives me energy and puts me in a good mood and the lyrics are really fun, as always with The Offspring which is one my favourite bands!

day 04 - a song that makes you sad
This one is French. It's a beautiful song by one of my favourite artists who writes great music and even better lyrics. For those who don't speak French, it's about leaving (can be interpreted as separation or as death) and it's a very sweet message saying that despite the separation, all that was done together was worth it and will live on. I have some strong memories associated with it too... It's called Confidentiel by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed my choices!


Anonymous said...


Day 1: hardest part of the challenge, nothing more than the favorite song!
Arrgh! how to pick up just one?
that's truly impossible! I'll do like you and ask for a random choice... let's go for "Still loving you" by Scorpion
One of my favorites. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to dance this slow with a guy (any guy!), and had to wait a very very long time for that! (15 years!) And in the end, it was not with ANY guy, it was with THE ONE, who I love and live with since 10 years ...


and thanks for the challenge (I'm having so much fun with it, instead of doing my office work ^-^)



Anne-Laure said...

Day 02:
I agree with you, that Fireflies is awfully catchy, shouldn't have run that video of yours, you naughty little girl! now I can't manage to get rid of it, despite the fact I listened to a lot of other beautiful song for the challenge!!!!!!

The one I love the least, well maybe not the least as there are many styles and many songs I don't like at all, but the one that makes me change the radio/TV station is " you're beautiful" from James Blunt!

The song isn't that awful but:
- the intro is wierd
- the song is catchy
- I haaaaate his voice, I find it vapid and plaintive
- i haaaate James Blunt in general, I can't stand him, he looks too much like my most hated ex-boyfriend!


Anne-Laure said...

Day 03: a song that makes me happy... without any hesitation, I chose "Mamma don't want no music" by Zipcode 2025, wich is a french country band from Lyon, but it's impossible to find on the internet!
so either I put it myself on youtube (but can't figure out how to do that...), or I choose another one... :-(
well, that means you'll have to wait a little for my final choice!


Anne-Laure said...

well, as I can't do it myself, you won't have Zipcode 2025, so my second choice is "Le p'tit voisin" by Jeanne Cherhal, a french songwriter I love.
The CD version of this song has a quie "merry-go-round like" orchestration, it's very funny and peachy and love hearing my son trying to sing it (he loves it too, but the lyrics ar far too speed for him!)


Anne-Laure said...

Day 04: a song that I find beautiful but makes me feel blue, as it reminds me my first heartbrake: "It's probably me" by Sting, feat. Clapton

Anne-Laure said...

Yves doesn't want to post himself but is playing your game too!
I'll post for him...
First day: his favorite song, without any hesitation it is Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin

here is the live version, on the DVD: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xethz_led-zepplin-stairway-to-heaven_music

Anne-Laure said...

Day 03 again, but for Yves: a song that makes him happy is "La fille du coupeur de joints" from Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine

just enjoy it:

Anne-Laure said...

Yves' most hated song: "My heart will go on", by Céline Dion! He's very proud he NEVER saw that movie...


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