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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just to say hi!

A quick post today, just to say hi to my few followers.
I have been busy doing some layouts for fun challenges, and for my CT duties. I also started designing a new kit, but I started late and I'm extracting some things from pictures, so it's taking a while.

Let me show you a couple of layouts I did.
First one just for fun with Sara's He Loves Her (Sweet Blossom Designs):

One for Stacey's template challenge at Scrap that Idea:

And one for a template challenge at Digiscrap.ch:

I also have two that I did during CT Appreciation Week with the kit that was offered to us My CT Rocks (biggest kit ever, almost 3 gigs). If you like it, you can get the kit at Scrapable.
The first layout was a scraplift of my first layout ever:

The second (for which I actually got a 5$ coupon) was a recipe challenge:

Off to work on my next kit!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun

It's the name of the challenge I entered at Scrapable.net where you're given a quote to use in a layout.
I used pics of Cédric reading (you can see why when you read the Dc. Seuss quote on the layout).

The kit I used was Wonderful World by Minicake Designs, and the add-on. It's a new designer at Scrapable.net and the kits are gorgeous, very original and full of great colours and texture.
Here's the layout in question:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Silly me...

I realized I hadn't actually poster my Furry Big Sister layout...
So here it is, done with Girls Rule, also available at Scrapdish:

And to show Melissa that I'm not a bad guest CT member, I'll show you the previews to the two kits:

Sick Boys ...

Here's a layout I did of Dave and Cédric, on a day when they both were sick with a very bad cold. They looked so miserable...
I used Boys Rule, by Melissa Daniel Designs. The kit has gorgeous papers and a fun series of wordart. And it kind of matches Girls Rule, with which I had done the Furry big sister layout. So when you have both, it makes for a great big kit!

Here's my layout:

If you like it, go get the kits (available at Scrapdish)!

Second alpha and a layout!

A quick post before taking Cédric to playgroup, to give you the second alpha for Schatzie.

But before I do that, my sister has made a layout using the kit. She used a picture of Dave, Cédric and me, so it's a little gift for me at the same time. Merci Anne-Laure!

Now here are the preview and link for what I call the "fur alpha":

You can get it here:
Schatzie fur alpha

I might have a quickpage for you using the kit in the next couple of days...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The first of two freebie alphas...

I'm glad people seem to enjoy the Schatzie kit!
For some reason, I made two alphas... I started with one, then while playing with the paint stains and frames in the elements, I decided to try to make a "paint splat" alpha.
I only made capital letters and numbers for this one, and it's the one I'll give you today. Tomorrow you'll get the "furry" alpha, which includes upper and lowercase, numbers and some punctuation.

Here's what my "splat" alpha looks like:

Hope you like it! I was pretty happy with the result.
You can get it here:
splat alpha

As usual, a little comment goes a long way...
And come back tomorrow for the second alpha!

Oh, and I should mention, my manicure was fabulous, my hands are all soft and my nails all pretty. Thank you, Dave!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Schatzie's elements

Today we woke up to SNOW on the ground, rooftops, cars, trees ... it's getting a bit old!
The good thing is that I received a nice gift certificate for mother's day, which includes a haircut, a hair colouring, a massage and a manicure, and today I'm going for the manicure!

Before I give you the elements to the kit, I want to give you a bit more info on the name, that way you'll know what it means. You know that it's my dog's name, but we picked it because of its origin and meaning. It's a German word. Schatz means "treasure" and Schatzie is an affectionate nickname you give loved ones meaning more or less "my little treasure". Sort of a German equivalent to "sweetheart".

Without further ado, here's the preview and link to the elements:

You can grab them here (or click on the image):
Schatzie elements
The file is fairly large, if anyone is having problems, just let me know and I'll split it into 2 downloads.
Leave me some love if you like them, and let me know where I can see layouts using the kit!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow and the day after, there are TWO alphas with this one!
And then maybe a quickpage ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scrap N'Art rocks!

I participated (yet again) in a Scrap Pad challenge for which we had to use lyrics from any Duffy song. My layout looked like this:

There were only two entries, and instead of picking a winner, or even cancelling the challenge for lack of participation, the awesome Scrap N'Art DT decided to give us both the prize. The winner was supposed to get a $10 gift certificate. They didn't even split it in two, they're giving us one each! I can't believe their generosity and even feel ashamed accepting it!

A very special thank you goes to Vicki, who is on the DT and also one the most talented, productive and generous designers around scrapland, and who is the one giving away gift certificates for her store. Incidently, I used one of her kits, Citrus Bright, for my layout. You can find that kit and the rest of her gorgeous collection at Scrap That Idea.

Congrats to my one-woman-CT member, Judith, who was the other participant and winner.

Schatzie's freebie

I have a new freebie for you today! But you should put some sunglasses on, because the colours might hurt your eyes, lol.
The kit is called Schatzie, named after my doggy, and it reflects what I think goes on in her mind! I should say that I took the idea of naming a kit after my puppy from Vicki who has her Pompey and Lily kits, named after her labradors. So Vicki, thank you for the idea!

Here's the preview of the kit:

Are your eyes still okay? Because you'll need them to see the layouts made by Judith and myself.


And mine featuring none other than Schatzie:

Today, as usual, you get the papers. They look like this:

You can get them here:
Monochromatic patterned
Multicoloured patterned

I hope you like the kit, leave me some love if you download, and come back tomorrow for the elements!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh I forgot!

I also had a good surprise this morning when I read the Scrap That Idea newsletter and found out that one of my layouts had been published!
Vicki chose to feature the following layout:

Thank you very much Vicki!

Lots of layouts...

My hubby went to the cottage to go fishing yesterday and as they were calling for SNOW, Cédric, Schatzie and I stayed behing, which gave me a lot of time to scrap!

Here are 3 layouts I did with Cherie Shields Designs' Deep Blue (finally a kit that complements the colours of my wedding) available at Scrapable:

Then I did two for a challenge at Digichicks (rules: monochromatic layout, 4 or more pics, a 2-word title written with an alpha). I used Vicki's Candy Dream (which is only $1 at Scrap That Idea and totally worth it!):

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the start of a new colourful freebie

Friday, May 15, 2009

Coming soon...

I had a bit of a crazy week, or at least it felt that way.
Today was our fifth anniversary too, so we went out for sushi!
That didn't stop me from designing a new kit, which I will have for you on Monday, even though it's a holiday here in Canada!
So to any Canadian reading, enjoy your May Run, and to everyone, come back Monday for a bright new freebie!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy week-end

I've been meaning to say hi and show you a couple of things, but we had a party yesterday night out of town. So we had to prepare everything to have Cédric babysat overnight (for the first time), get ready ourselves, ...And today is Mothers' Day, so we came back this morning and there are things planned for the day (including brunch, maybe going to the circus, and hopefully a nice relaxing yoga class to recharge my batteries!).
I also have my Hula girl CT work to worry about, the guest CT spot for Melissa Daniels, I'm trying to get my next freebie started and I see challenges I want to do everywhere... This scrapper is a little overwhelmed...

For today, I mostly wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to everyone.

And I want to show you a couple of layouts I did recently.

First, I made two with a kit called Party Time, which was perfect to scrap my 30th birthday party. It's by Cherie Shields Designs and Amy Sumrall and it's full of fun party items (hats, caked, a balloon alpha). You can get it here at Scrapable.
Here are my lei-outs:

I'm quite proud of this second one, on which I managed to fit my entire family (all there for the party celebrating my 30th and my Dad's 60th). With the extra pics of gift opening and champagne, etc., there are 50 pictures and I think it came to about 130 layers!

I also did a layout for a challenge at the Scrap Pad, using Vicki and Sara's Summer Day Scrap N'Art freebie:

And I used a quickpage for the first time ever! It's Cheryl's beautiful layout, using Vicki's beautiful Puppy Love kit. It's the first picture I have with my dog, Schatzie. She was 4 weeks old and we went to pick our puppy out of the litter, and when I held her I knew she was ours!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A gift from my one-woman-CT

Today, I get to tell you about a freebie made with my kit that I didn't have to work for at all! That's fun!
My CT member Judith made two fabulous brag book pages with The Paper Pond. You can get them on her blog: Naki Scraps
Here's what they look like:

Gorgeous, aren't they? Leave her some love if you download!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lei-out of the day and a freebie

I'm pretty happy today! The sun is shining and my latest layout was picked for lei-out of the day at Scrapable!
Here's the layout which was my first as a guest CT for Melissa Daniel Designs (month of May, thanks Melissa!) :

They seemed to like the way the layout and the colours complement the picture and mostly the feel of the era: the 70s. It's fun because it's really what I was going for!
You can see their nice comment here.

I'm happy so you get a gift! (you would have gotten it anyways...).
I made a couple of 4x6 brag book pages with The Paper Pond.

Here's what they look like:

You can get them both together here (or by clicking either of the images).
Make sure you pick up the whole kit and the alpha so you can add titles and make some of your own!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Paper Pond...the alpha

Today is sunnier outside, which is really nice for a change! We might get to go for a walk and take the doggie-girl out for the first time of the season. She's a long-haired mini dachshund and as long as there is water everywhere, we can't really take her because she gets all dirty.

Enough blabla. Back to business. Today you get the alpha for The Paper Pond. First, let me show you yet another layout that my sister Anne-Laure (Nenaure in the comments and forums) did with the kit:

It's actually a picture of me and Dave at a friend's wedding! Merci Nenaure!

Here's the preview of the alpha you get. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, basic punctuation and even the French accented letters! I like complete alphas myself, so I try to include whatever the font allows.

I hope you like it!
You can get it here on by clicking the image.
Leave me some love if you get it...
For tomorrow, I have something a bit different. Instead of a quickpage I made 2 brag book pages in 4x6 format. Judith actually suggested it. I hope I understood what she meant...
So come back tomorrow to see, or better yet, follow my blog, that way you'll never miss anything!
Bye for now :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Paper Pond elements

Today, it's snowing again (3rd day in a row) and I'm getting really sick of it...
I had a good day yesterday, looking around scrapland. And we went to the movies to see Wolverine, which I recommend if you like that kind of thing. I really enjoyed it!

Before I give you what you came for, I want to show the other 2 layouts my sister did with it. I particularly like the one called "libellule".

Today you get the elements for The Paper Pond. They look like this:

You can get them here (or click on the image).
Leave me some love and come back tomorrow for the alpha!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy NSD and a freebie

Well, I didn't think it would be ready in time, but my kit and the layouts to show it off are all ready to go, so I will start giving to you today, so it will be a NSD freebie! Yay!
This one is called "The Paper Pond" and I'm pretty proud of it... Here's a preview, what do you think?

My one-woman-CT is larger today (two-women-CT) as my sister had some time and offered to scrap a couple of layouts (she ended up doing FOUR!)

First, here's the one Judith made using a picture of the local duck pond (very appropriate don't you think).

And here are 2 of my sister's layouts. I'll show you the other 2 later.

Today you get the papers. Here's what they look like:

There are two links to 4shared:
papers 1
papers 2

Leave me some love if you download. Hope you have a great NSD (or week-end really)!