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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Do glasses help to look on the bright side?

So the title is linked to the kits that Bella Gypsy released this week, but also very much to my life right now...
I'm feeling pretty old lately as my eyesight seems to be going down :(
Things are a little blurry sometimes, I can't read small things and when the sky is bright, I can't focus my eyes anymore. I have an appointment to the optometrist in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I've been wearing some really old glasses that I got in my third year of university. Back then the doctor said my eyes were fine and I was just tired, but prescribed them with the minimum correction available to help force my eyes to work and keep me awake. I was doing A LOT of reading to study and they helped a little. So I thought I'd get them to see if they would help a bit, and sadly I think they kind of do. I had chosen them with my sister :D
This time, if I need some, I'll have to bring my hubby to help me chose! But maybe I won't need any (cross your fingers for me people).
And as a fun coincidence, Bella Gypsy released the mini Bespectacled, which is all about glasses! So I put on my old glasses and took a couple of silly selfies. Check out Bespectacled:

And my silly layout;

But if you like Bespectacled, I suggest you take a look at the kit that it coordinates with (and if you like both, you can invest in the bundle, get the kit, the mini, and an extra pack of accents if you buy it in the next few days!). It's called Bright Side and is all about looking at the positive side of things (an attitude I love and try very hard to embrace):

This one was perfect for a photo from our Florida trip last summer. We took a golf cart ride in the neighbourhood and got caught in the rain! So it is both a literal and philosophical use of the kit :D
Cedric was so happy and thought it was so funny (of course, they were covered and I was in the back with no roof...):

Can I just say how happy the rainbow colours forming the word "rainbow" in the sticker above my head make me?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My album for our March 2014 road trip to Florida is ALL DONE!!

And the funnest part for me is how easy it was, because I chose a style (sort of pocket style), I planned what I wanted to scrap and organized my pages, and then I joined Bella Gypsy's CT and as they released kits, they kept working with my pages :D
And so I was able to keep myself focused and motivated to complete the album and I had gorgeous kits to do it with! At the end, I had my eye for those last two on a couple of coordinating kits that were released a couple of weeks before I joined the team, but the designers are awesome and told me to grab them if I wanted!! And so I'm ALL DONE!
I hope the designers at Bella Gypsy didn't get too tired of seeing that type of page with almost every new release...

So here are the kits I used to finish the last two pages. They are called On The Go and Beep Beep:

And of course, you might guess that I used them for the road trip part of our trip. The 3 days going South and 3 days going back North (2800km each way!):

Aren't the themes and even colours perfect?

And of course, I also used one of their two new releases last week. Both kits were back to school themed and there is one boy bundle and one girl bundle. I used the boy one which is called Wise Guy Bundle:

And the funny part is that I didn't use it for back to school because Cedric has not been in school for a couple of years. I used it for a photo of him and Helio in the cab about to leave Florida to go back to Canada in August 2014 (so the same theme as the previous two layouts!). I also used a template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs:

Aren't they sweet cuddling?
And now off to scrap quickly with this week's new releases...

Friday, August 14, 2015

Having too much fun

We're having an awesome summer, and my parents have been here visiting and my little dude is on a reduced schedule. So we're taking walks and playing games (mostly double 15 dominoes) and watching TV (we've introduced them to Chuck). But with all that, it's taking me days to finish layouts and I haven't shown you the few I made...
So here they are, one from last week and 2 from this week.

First off was the August 2015 installment of the Snap Happier Collection by Bella Gypsy:

I used it for one more page form our March road trip (explanation of why we left and photo of the souvenirs I brought back), as well as this month's desktop!

And this week, they released a gorgeous end of summer themed collection. There's a main kit, but also some gradient papers, extra alphas and a mini kit which all come separately or in a bundle.
The collection is called So long, Summer, and the mini is My Summer Story:

I used the main kit and gradient papers in a layout from summer 2014, of the sad attempt at a selfie with 3 people, a stroller, a dog and the iconic Magic Kingdom castle... and the awesome photo you get when a nice cast member offers to help :D

And then, I used My Summer Story alone for a layout of Helio sleeping in a perfect circle on the pillow I made him! I particularly amused myself with the title. I was going to title it "doughnut", but it was long to write, so I was going to write it "donut". But the Canadian in me was struggling until a pun happened. I kept the "g", got rid of the "u" and "h", and called it "dognut". Get it: it's a dog, it's a doughnut/donut, it's a "dognut" :D
Anyways, bad puns aside, the layout turned out pretty and makes me happy:

I was too busy, so I didn't scrap with the other release from last week or this week, I hopefully will get around to it at some point as they were also gorgeous!
My parents are now gone, which is sad, but I might scrap a little more, which will be nice!
Until then, have a great weekend!