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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I can't seem to let them go...

This post should come with a nerd alert because I'm referring to the HP books!
So here goes a series of layouts that some will relate to (HP fans), some will not care about (non HP fans) and some will judge me for (...).

The first layout says it all, I am addicted to Harry Potter. And as I have photos from the theme park, I thought I could make an album with them and include all my thoughts, feelings, experiences, ... around the whole series.

There's a possibility there will be a good bunch of pages, and there might be some that come to mind in the future, so I won't do a photobook, I'll go with a binder style album I think. That way if I want to add something to it in the future, I can :D
I'm not really aiming to create a unity either. I have too many layouts in mind to narrow it down to a few kits, it would get repetitive visually. So I bought a few kits last year (5 kits bought plus a freebie and a CT kit, which by fluke but quite appropriately makes a total of 7kits to scrap with, lol). I might add some if it becomes hard to diversify.
I have made a few layouts in the past, and will probably include them (or maybe re-make them, or both... we'll see).

For today, here's my first layout, titled Addicted!

I also need help coming up with a good title. I haven't given it much thought yet, but what I've thought of was not great. On the Picasa gallery, the album is called My "All things Harry Potter" album, lol, for lack of an idea. So anyone out there with great titling skills, or extensive Harry Potter knowledge, I need your help ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I {heart} music!!

Today's post is not scrap related!
My scrappy friend La'Shawn is an awesome blogger (check out her blog!!) and she's inspiring me to blog a little more. And I just invited a whole bunch of people to be my friends on Facebook, but it's my scrap Facebook page, which doesn't see much more action than layouts and ads.
So I thought for them and for my blog readers (echo, are you there? probably just La'Shawn and once in a while my sister...), I'd add a touch of personal info, of random thought, ... branch out a little.

First off, one thing to know is that I have a 5-year-old son with autism and I have another blog about that (in two languages, if you please, lol). You can check that out if you'd like to hear about the everyday life and thoughts of an "autism mom": One Day At A Time (or in French if you prefer:  Un jour à la fois).

And now, just random fun stuff. Last week I joined a blog's linky party from Shabby Blogs and it was fun, so here I go again!
This week's isn't up, so it's last week's party and it's a top ten Tuesday about favourite musicians... It sounded like fun so I'm jumping in with absolutely no preparation (which means in a week or so, I'll regret some of my choices and realize I forgot my absolute favourite!).
So here it goes:
In no particular order, here are SOME of my favourite artists, the ones I've really listened to for hours and hours during a significant period of my life (even if I haven't listened to some of them in years). I've linked each name to one of my favourite songs by said bands:

1. Queen
2. Jet
3. The Offspring
4. Green Day
5. U2
6. Jean-Jacques Goldman
8. Michael Jackson
9. The Beatles
10. The Glee cast (ok, I know this one is a stretch, but I listen to all the albums a lot because I like the variety of both styles and voices).

What are yours!! Link me up :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Artgal Style new kits

Nothing very exciting to report... I have not started my Disney book, nor have I started the Harry Potter themed layouts I've been meaning to make for over a year... I haven't even scrapped that much lately, it seems! But I do have two Artgal Style new releases to show off (from this week and the last) and my May desktop which I really love and scrapped with a non-ct kit :D

So Artgal Style released Get Your Craft On which I used to scrap the dog pillows I sell to help finance the autism service dog we are buying for my son:

And this week she released Whimsy, a very sweet, soft kit which I used for one if those everyday photos (my son at his grandparents' house):


And here's my desktop. It makes me very happy just looking at it :D
Done with Beautiful Life by Jennifer Labre Designs:

That's it for today!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Recent releases

I said I would blog more, so this is me trying to keep it up :D

We took an amazing 2 weeks in Florida in March, and I've been scrapping some of our photos for my CT layouts. Here are some of them with the gorgeous new releases the designers have created.

My desktop for April was a photo of us at Blizzard Beach, one of the water parks:

 Done with the super fun Jelly Belly by Mel Hains

This one is a photo of one of the AWESOME hugs I often get from my little man, which I got while waiting for the bird show at Animal Kingdom:

Done withe beautiful collection My Mom by Mel Hains Designs:

This is my whole happy family on the gorgeous Prince Charming Regal Carroussel in Magic Kingdom:

Done with an absolutely stunning collection called the Glad Project by Truman Studio:

One of my last layout with Danimoy Designs' products is of me eating a cheese pretzel in Magic Kingdom. They are warm and filled with sweet creamy cheese. If you are in Magic Kingdom, you HAVE to try one! I'm usually gluten free and dairy free, so these are not good for my usual diet, but they're too good not to have one... They sell them at The Launching Pad, right under the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland :D

Unfortunately, Danimoy Designs has now retired, so you can't get the kit...

The next one is me and hubby, relaxed and happy, pushing the stroller together. My MIL snapped a quick photo from the back while we walked and I thought it was pretty cute :D

It's done with a gorgeous bundle called Just Be You by Simple Girl Scraps:

The collection is available at GottaPixel or GingerScraps (and the pieces are also available seperately).

The last one is of the three of us at Typhoon Lagoon:

It's done with the gorgeous Rain Rain Go Away and the Extra by Artgal Style:

Well there you go, all sorts of Disney layouts!! But I have a ton of photos left, so you'll see more for sure ;)
Have you ever been to Disney? Do you make an album with your photos? We go pretty much every year, so I'm not sure if I should have an album for each Disney trip... What do you think?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

iNSD sale :D

Simple Girl Scraps has an awesome sale starting today and all week-end: 50% off at both her stores!!

For your shopping convenience, this is both at her Gingerscrap store and her GottaPixel store :D

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back with random stuff :D

I haven't been on here in way too long and of course, I should be showing lots of scrappy stuff, but I thought it would be fun to come back with a little list that was inspired by my scrappy friend La'Shawn!
She participated in a linky party form Shabby Blogs and I thought it was fun:

So here are 10 random things about me:

1. If you're here you probably know I LOVE digital scrapbooking, but you may not know that it's the only hobby I've ever really stuck with. I used to start lots of things and just drop them really fast (as a kid and as an adult). Digital Scrapbooking is one of only 2 things I've really connected with to the point of wanting to keep doing it.

2. Number 2 is the other hobby I've stuck with and it is YOGA! I love it: it relaxes me, keeps me flexible, grounds me, and so much more.

3. My favourite colour is teal. I could paint my walls teal, buy a teal car, get more teal shirts, ... I love it on everything. Unfortunately, my husband does not like it (finds it sad?!?)...

4. I have a weird obession with rainbows and like placing things in that order, and I can't stand when colours are not in rainbow order (when buying pencils, crayons or markers, the first thing I do when I get home is put them in proper rainbow order, which they rarely are, and ot really bothers me in a kid's book, or a digiscrap item if the order is wrong!).

5. I am a stay-at-home mom but I have a 3 undergrads and a Master's degree (a bachelor of English from France, and from Canada a bachelor of linguistics and language teaching, a teacher's degree to teach French as a second language and a Master's degree in education).

6. I read and watch all sorts of things, but I really love sci-fi and fantasy the most!

7. I have read the Harry Potter series countless times, watched the movies a good deal and I've even listened to 3 different versions of the audiobooks (the British audiobooks, the Amercian audiobooks and right now the French audiobooks).

8. Being from France but having lived in Canada for almost 14 years, I recently realized that, of all things, I miss castles!

9. My favourite meat is duck (especially in my Mom's port sauce recipe).

10. I crack a lot! Many of my joints crack, and not just the occasional "air bubble in the joint" crack, but they crack every time (stuff rubs on stuff I guess...). My right shoulder is probably the worst with 3 to 5 consecutive cracks and you can feel the ribs pop.

That was fun! Hope you enjoyed it too :D