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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wow... and a new project!

Well, happy new year... I can't believe I haven't blogged here since June, though...
I guess resolution number 1 should be to blog more, lol.

I'll start the year with my first ever Project 52. That should get me blogging at least once a week!
It's an easy photo one from my scrappy friends: La'Shawn :D

You can find the project on her blog, here: Project 52: 2014

The first week was resolution, and I missed it, lol. But it so happens that I have a perfect photo for it, taken in the first week of January!
I follow a pretty strict no carb diet, and while on holidays, I cheated a lot and felt gross. So day one of 2014, back at home, had me and the hubby getting back to our healthier lifestyle. I'm using that as a sort of resolution to stay healthy this year: staying on the diet, going to Jiu Jitsu and yoga regularly, cleaning a bit more to keep the house healthy as well, and even taking some time for myself to make sure I don't lose my mind!

So without further ado, here's the photo in question:

It's of our morning shake, which I like to drink in some kind of fun glass, and as it was New Year's Day we went with a stem glass :D

It's never too late to start the project (especially now, as it's still really early in the year), so stop by her blog and join us!!


Chris said...

Well done! I like the resolution. I have tried the "be healthy" resolution more times than I can count. Turns out, I have a raging fat kid living inside me, and just cant do it. Best of luck!

LaShawn C said...

It is NEVER too late to start and I quite enjoy your photo. Especially drinking your shake in a wine glass. LOVE it!! :) Thanks for taking part in the project Marif. Looking forward to your other photos this year! Hugs!

Mimi said...

I'm telling you the glass totally matters! It made that shake look fancy and I'm sure you felt fancy drinking it!!

I take blogging hiatus' for time to time. I think they are good for the soul. Looking forward to your posts!

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