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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mach to December P52 - week 2

I'va had a busy, crazy week, with 3 days of supply teaching (I've gone back to work recently and was only aiming to do 1 day a week, 2 at the most...). So my house was a mess and my energy level was low. And therefore, no blogging, lol.

But I did have my photo for last week's M2D P52!


The theme was something new and I actually had many choices. Right after xmas, especially having done xmas in Florida, we had lots of new things. I could have shown my new pjs, my new Harry Potter t-shirt, my new watch, my new mugs, ...
But I landed on a photo that includes "new" on a couple of levels.
Last Sunday we went sliding with our son! What's new about that you wonder. Well, first of all, the tube itself is  new. It was a gift from Cédric's godmother. His boots and mitts are also brand new, another gift from his godfather-uncle. But most importantly, us gearing up in our snow outfits and going out to slide is new!! It was a great success, Cédric loved it and went up and down 8 times!
I have a photo with me and a photo with his dad and I can't choose which to show, so I'll show you both :D

I'm really enjoying sharing these and I hope you enjoy seeing them and hearing about them!
If you do, join the challenge and share your too, I'd love to see them :D


LaShawn C said...

I wanna see the new Harry Potter t-shirt!! :-) You know me! :)
I do love the photos. I am glad you got both you and your husband in there. That looks like so much fun. You and your snow! :-P

Chris said...

That looks like a ton of fun! We don't get much snow here, I wish we had the opportunity to do something like this, we had some snow few years ago, and you can find it if you dig on my blog a bit.

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