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Sunday, June 7, 2015

A perfect match and a garden gnome

The enigmatic title is comprised of the things I liked best in the two new releases I got to play with last week.

The first one is Bella Gypsy Designs' new Snap Happier installment. As I am lucky enough to be guesting for one more month, I got to play the June 2015 Collection and I can tell you it is beautiful and enormous:

My favourite thing about it was that the beige and burnt orange colours were a perfect match to some photos I took of my little guy and myself on a day where we matched! I love matching colours (my socks to my top, the dude's plate and cup, my purse to my clothes, ...). I love colours, I love rainbows, and I love matching. I might sometimes be guilty of matching Cedric's clothes to mine a little :/
But a couple weeks ago, my husband noticed that we accidentally matched. That made me so happy, I asked for photos :D And when I saw this kit, I knew right away it was perfect to scrap them:

*Note: if you want more proof that I'm a geek, he's wearing his Harry Potter Marauder's Map t-shirt...

The second kit that released this week is from Mel Hains Designs. She created a great gardening kit called Veggie Patch. It has veggies, gardening tool and a super cute garden gnome, which I had to use even though he didn't really match my photos.

I used the kit for some photos of our first visit this past March to the Garden Grill, a great restaurant in Epcot. The colours and theme were perfect for it!

*Note: for another touch of geeky, I made striped of the different parts of the decor seen in the photo on the left: earth, grass, yellow wood siding on the house , tree leaves (for this one, use your imagination a little more and see the green triangles as leaves and the white ones as gaps between them, and maybe the red and yellow can be apples, lol), and the sky!

Hope you like them, thanks for looking!


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