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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lazy week

Hubby went out of town for 3 days at the end of this week. As always when that happens, I try to take it easy to some degree to keep my energy for taking care of The Dude, especially in case he wakes up in the middle of the night.
So I worked Tuesday, but other than that, I felt pretty useless and lazy and found myself doing things, but inefficiently and I wasted A LOT of time on Pinterest. Instead of blogging!
I did end up having en eventful Friday. It was -48 outside with the windchill, so my car didn't start... I had to drive hubby's truck which is huge and I had never driven before, to take Cédric to IBI. Then back home, I had to choose between taking the truck again later or boost my vehicle. So I grabbed my cables and successfully boosted my car with his truck, without dying (but man did I freeze). I was so cold the toilet seat felt warm :D

So at the very last minute, here is my photo for this week's March2December P52:

The prompt was silhouette, and it immediately made me think of those cut portraits they make at Disney World. And as my son has an amazing profile, I thought it would be perfect. So while he went back and forth from his favourite chair to his snack, passing in front of the sunny window, I took a few shots. I would have prefered them to turn out darker and I might increase the contrast if I print one or scrap it, but I do love the result!

Next week is guilty pleasure, for which I have my photo, but I had a very hard time coming up with something...


LaShawn C said...

Oh man!! -48 outside?!? I don't think I would start either. Holy snowflakes that is cold! Ugh.
BTW, I love love love love the way your photo turned out. I wish I would have thought of this and I still might take this photo of Isaiah. Cédric has such a handsome profile. Great job!

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