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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guilty Green Model: 3 weeks in one

Here are three weeks' worh of Project 52 rolled into one!

A couple weeks ago, I was feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and useless (which led me to not post week 9 even though I had the photo). Then hubby decided that we just really needed a break from routine, winter and everyday autism hurdles. So we packed up the car and just left for Florida!
We literally decided that between 6pm and 8:30pm, started packing and we were on the road at 10am the next morning! The timing was great because we really needed the change and March break was coming but also because that would allow us to surprise Hubby's father with our arrival on his 60th birthday. We pulled it off: he was surprised and happy, the trip went really well, we had beautiful sunny weather, and we soaked up the sun and all the Disney World we could manage.

With all that, I didn't use my laptop (it was impossible on the 6 days on the road, and I just didn't feel like it during our 5 days of vacation). So I didn't post week 10 either and I didn't make a conscious effort to take the pictures I was supposed to, but as it turns out, our trip provided the right photos anyways!

Now here are the prompts from March To December's Project 52 (and as you see they explain my weird post title):


Week 9: Guilty Pleasure
Week 10: Something Green
Week 11: Role Model

I struggled with finding my guilty pleasure.
I thought of food, but being on a fairly healthy diet, even though I love food in general, I didn't really have anything to be guilty about in that department.
I thought of my love of all things Disney. I could have gone with that because it is childish, and I do end up spending money on the souvenirs. But of listening to the music, watching the movies, going to the parks, etc. I am not ashamed at all. And as this was prior to this trip and the last couple times we went to the parks I didn't really spend that much on souvenirs, I didn't think it was a great representation. If it had been last week instead, I would show you my new wallet :D
I ended up choosing to document my love of all things Lush (a company that makes bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, ...). I usually get them for gifts, so to be honest I don't feel that guilty about them either. But I do tend to like useful gifts, like clothes and shoes, or things for the house, so they do feel like more of an indulgence! So here's a photo of one of my bubble bars right before I got into the tub of beautifully scented and coloured warm water :D

 I had not taken my photo before we left for the trip, so on the road I kept thinking "I need something green!". And as my little man fell asleep like an angel and I placed the neck pillow to prevent his head from falling, I got my photo of the week!
I really like that it's really representative of our week, and the fact that it's an alligator and we were on our way to Florida :D

I also thought I would struggle with a photo of a role model.
My parents are great role models for the way they made and still make their marriage work, the way they raised my sister and I, the career my Dad chose (which was a passion rather than just a job). They are smart, loving and generous. But they were not available for a photo op, being in France and all...
And I also must admit that while in Florida, I totally forgot about the project prompt.
But last night, looking through our photos as they were transferring onto my computer, I realized I had the perfect photo! A photo of my awesome husband Dave. It was taken on the anniversary of the day we started dating, 13 years ago, which we spent at the Magic Kingdom.
A while ago he made the mistake of telling me he likes Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast and I insisted on getting a photo of him in front of the recent statue of this fun villain in Fantasyland.
I think Dave is a role model to any young man out there. He works very hard to achieve his career and financial goals but does it without ever compromising his integrity by stepping on people's toes, and as a financial advisor, he always does what's best for the client rather than what would make him the most money.
He practices Jiu Jitsu in the playful and gentle way that Gracie Jiu Jitsu promotes. He could use his size and strength to show off to others, but he tries instead to use technique and skill and always tries to grow. I also always admire his lack of competitiveness in sports. He does not mind when others win or are better than him at one thing or another. He tries to be the best he can be and grow, he sees himself as his competitor rather than others and he can be truly happy for others when they achieve something rather than be jealous.
But most of all, he is a role model as a husband and father. He's a great cook and gets right in the kitchen to make supper when he gets home from work rather than expect the meal to be on the table. He works hard to take care of our family financially. He spoils me often with toys and bling (and I do love jewelry...).
And he is the greatest Dad to Cédric! A lot of fathers struggle with an autism diagnosis. Instead, he researches constantly to find ways we can help our son. He gives hugs and kisses, he gets on all four to play, he gives Cédric his bath, he puts him to bed every night and he changes diapers! His fair share! Maybe even more! I love that in him the way La'Shawn loves that her hubby does the dishes ;)
So here he is in front of a character which he resembles in physical traits, but he is much more Beast turned Prince than he is Gaston in personality :D
And I love that in this picture, Cédric looks up to him like the great role model he is :D

Wow, did I ever ramble on in this post, lol
I guess I felt like sharing more than just photos today. I hope some of you out there stuck with me!
Next week: vintage! Come back to see what I come up with!


LaShawn C said...

I LOVE this post. I thought you might have given up and I am so glad you didn't. :-)
One of these days we are going to meet! My husband likes Gaston. ;-)
I enjoyed reading about your husband, Dave.

Marge Arseneau said...

I enjoy ready your blog...don't stop...we will wait patiently

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