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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I {heart} music!!

Today's post is not scrap related!
My scrappy friend La'Shawn is an awesome blogger (check out her blog!!) and she's inspiring me to blog a little more. And I just invited a whole bunch of people to be my friends on Facebook, but it's my scrap Facebook page, which doesn't see much more action than layouts and ads.
So I thought for them and for my blog readers (echo, are you there? probably just La'Shawn and once in a while my sister...), I'd add a touch of personal info, of random thought, ... branch out a little.

First off, one thing to know is that I have a 5-year-old son with autism and I have another blog about that (in two languages, if you please, lol). You can check that out if you'd like to hear about the everyday life and thoughts of an "autism mom": One Day At A Time (or in French if you prefer:  Un jour à la fois).

And now, just random fun stuff. Last week I joined a blog's linky party from Shabby Blogs and it was fun, so here I go again!
This week's isn't up, so it's last week's party and it's a top ten Tuesday about favourite musicians... It sounded like fun so I'm jumping in with absolutely no preparation (which means in a week or so, I'll regret some of my choices and realize I forgot my absolute favourite!).
So here it goes:
In no particular order, here are SOME of my favourite artists, the ones I've really listened to for hours and hours during a significant period of my life (even if I haven't listened to some of them in years). I've linked each name to one of my favourite songs by said bands:

1. Queen
2. Jet
3. The Offspring
4. Green Day
5. U2
6. Jean-Jacques Goldman
8. Michael Jackson
9. The Beatles
10. The Glee cast (ok, I know this one is a stretch, but I listen to all the albums a lot because I like the variety of both styles and voices).

What are yours!! Link me up :D


LaShawn C said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Great choice of music as well. I am not much for music. That is why I didnt do this one. But I like your choices. I like that you are expanding your blog some. :)

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