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Friday, April 25, 2014

14, 15 and 16!

Three weeks since my last post, means three weeks of photos to show if I'm going to complete my Project 52!!


The first week I missed was week 14 and the prompt was "growth". I hadn't really thought about it and it just hit me as I was taking a photo of my son: hair!!

He himself is growing like a weed, and the photo does show that he looks more and more like a big boy. But I focused on the hair. His hair grows pretty fast but he HATES having it cut. No hairdresser will do it, because he moves too much, and we end up having to do it ourselves. We use clippers, because it's faster, easier and less dangerous than scissors. We usually clip it really, really short, to have to do it only 3 times a year. This photo, taken the first week of April shows that it was getting thick on the sides, and too long around the ears. As we left for a vacation, it actually grew two more weeks and was getting in his eyes too before we clipped it last week-end (something to do on Easter Monday, lol).

The following week was week 15 and the prompt was supposed to be "childhood". But we were on our vacation, just hubby and I, visiting Lisbon at a work conference. That didn't invite many childish topics. And more importantly, week 16 was "skyline" and I thought it would be way more fun to show the skyline of Lisbon than the one of Timmins (which is a small and not very pretty town...).
So I decided to cheat and swap them.

So here's the first photo I took from the balcony of our hotel room in Lisbon.

And because why not, here's the Lisbon skyline at night with the castle on the top left, the cathedral in between our heads and the river on the right. This was the view from the restaurant we ate at on the second night :D

So week 16, which was supposed to be "skyline", became "childhood". And if I'm honest, I forgot to read the prompt and take a photo. But when I realized and looked back, I could have used 4 different photos of my little man. One was him making faces, one was him eating Easter pancakes with his fingers, one was him eating chocolate cake with no shirt on. All were pretty representative of something a child does and enjoys that adult might not (although I know a few adults who will eat with their fingers, and a good bunch that make faces!).
But here's the one I chose:

Nothing says childhood like curling up on your Dad to get hugs and kisses :D
It is also very typical of our little dude, who just loves physical contact and is very affectionate.

So there you have it, three photos which are pretty representative of the last three weeks!
Next week will be "a favourite place" (but it's Friday night and I got nothing yet...oooh, just thought of something as I typed, yay).


LaShawn C said...

Great photos! I like how swapped them out as needed. The childhood photo is my favorite. It is so sweet!

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