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Friday, February 14, 2014

The weather...

That was this week's prompt for March to December's P52.

Asking someone as North as I am to talk or take photos of the weather in January or February is mean! It's cold, there's been snow for too long already and it's going to look the same for a few months... It's just depressing!
But I have to admit, we had a sunny week at least, so it makes it a little better, and it can make for pretty photos.
I took a few and as always I have a hard time choosing, so here are my favourites:

That's the view of our deck and the neighbourhood behind the house from our patio door. That white pile in the front is our deck :( Soooo much snow! But pretty blue sky...

This one was taken while taking a ride after picking up The Dude to enjoy the sun. I find it capture the look and feel of a winter sun. So different than a summer sun!

This one, taken on the way back from the farm to get our eggs, the sun was setting. I tried but failed to capture the snow that was flying sideways on the road and the snow banks. It was windy!!

There you have it, it has looked like this for months and will look like this for months... Snow is really pretty, but 6 months of it is just too much ;)


Chris said...

Wow, thats SNOW! The South absolutely just SHUTDOWN for Snowpacalypse 2014 with about 8" of snow.
You would probably just laugh at us. I think it is beautiful there!

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