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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Me, Myself and I

It's P52 time again:

Last week's prompt was "self portrait".
I don't take a lot of self portraits, but I do have a few. So I wasn't sure how to make it something fresh, a little different than other ones I might have taken before.
La'Shawn who hosts the project mentioned the snow in my photos, so I thought I could keep the theme going and I took one of me outside:

But I find I look like a man on it, lol. Somehow, I never find the right angle when taking a "selfie" (man I hate that word...). I always have neck folds, or my nose looks huge (like in this one), ...
But later the same day, I had an opportunity to take one that I thought had a cute concept.
I was playing with my little dude in the car while waiting for something, and I was showing him myself making faces on my phone, than flipping the camera so he would see himself, and so on. And I thought it would be cute to take a portrait of how he sees me when I turn around in the car to interact with him (not while driving, of course...). And it turned out pretty cute :D

Not Photography with a capital P, but a cute candid everyday shot!

And while I'm putting photos of myself on here, La'Shawn has requested (demanded!) to see my new Harry Potter t-shirt. I figured she would want to see the Harry Potter mug too, so here are front and back photos of both :D
So here's me in my Ministry of Magic t-shirt, using my Marauder's Map mug (note the involuntary alliteration in "m", hehehe):

Hoping to be back later with scrappy stuff!


LaShawn C said...

Oh my gosh. I swear one of these days we just have to meet in person!
So for starters. I like the 1st photo. You eyes and hair is beautiful! And let me just say...snow! ;-)
I really like the idea of the candid photo. From your son's view. I wish I would have thought of that!
Also, LOVE the HP photos. I need both of those. The shirt and the mug. :-)
Thanks so much for sharing girlie!

Anne-Laure said...

I neeeeed the mug!!!!!
And the second photo is both beautiful and brilliant (note the B aliterration, involuntary too, lol)

Chris said...

I like all of the photos. I also LOVE the fact that you hate the word selfie. I mentioned the same thing in my blog post for this week!

Cheryl Fisher said...

You look great!!

I'm not a big fan of my own selfies either! Why is it when you look in the mirror you look different than when you take a selfie? I can not figure it out - maybe it's the shadows or the lighting - whatever it is, it drives me nuts! LOL There have been times I think "hey, I don't look half bad" (while seeing myself in the mirror) then "snap" I take a selfie and think "ewwww THAT'S not getting posted anywhere" LOL - It's one reason I seldom post pics of myself.

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