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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blabla and danimoy beauties

A little blabla to start. The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster. Cédric had intestinal problems for a long time, and we suspected celiac. We went through trying a gluten free diet, talking to our doctor and dietician, having to give him more gluten for a test, putting him through a blood test, then after stopping gluten again being told the hospital forgot to do that test and we had to start over, giving more gluten, and another needle, and finally we're gluten free for good and waiting for the results, but we're pretty sure of the results. So we went through frustration and sadness for him (soooo many things have gluten) and now starts the challenge of figuring out a gluten free life (though it's much easier these days).

Enough about that, on to scrappy things. Danimoy designs has released a couple of beauties I need to show you!
Last Monday, she released Summer Treats, a fun bright collection with lots of summer desserts.

I used it to scrap my dude drinking grenadine on the beach:

And yesterday, she released an absolutely gorgeous, refreshing collection with lots of leafy elements called Fresh Start:

I really love this one, how fresh it feels. And I used it to scrap Cédric meeting an adorable mini horse:

That's it for tonight!
Hope you had a good week-end, thanks for looking.


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