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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Under Eros' gaze

That's the title (translated) of my latest layout of our civil wedding.
I should explain that I got married in France (even though I live in Canada) and there, you have to get married at city hall, then at church if you want to. But you need to get married in the city hall of the city where the bride resides. So we got married in the town where my parents live (near Paris), but the religious wedding took place 5 days later in Arles (in the south). That's why I say "civil wedding" and that's why I'm wearing pants!
The title comes from the statue of Eros (Greek god of love) that was right behind us.

I used Vicki's beautiful Summer Garden kit (and the fonts are Edwardian and Herculanum).


Indra said...

hello, My name is Indra. I from Palembang, Ibonesian Country.
pleased with you, hopefully we can become friends. I glad you have read the blog

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