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Monday, February 2, 2009

The name...

So, I figured I should explain my blog's weird name...
First of all, all the good ones are taken, it's hard to come up with something.
I knew I wanted to use the painting I made in my header (the three central flowers). I painted them instead of having them tattooed on my lower back (my husband wasn't fond of the idea). And then I thought that I could use them for the name as they represent who I am. They are a western red lily (the flower of Saskatchewan which is where I was born), a poppy (to represent France which is where my whole family lives, where I grew up and where I'm really from) and a trillium (the flower of Ontario which is where I now live). So I amalgamated the three words poppy-lily-trillium in many possible ways and ended up liking Poppylium!
What do you think?


another_angel said...

Very clever! I am a big fan of squishing words together. My daughter's name is Kaelinn, which is a combination of my middle name (Kay) and her dad's middle name (Lynn). I spelled it the way I did because I liked the way it looked when I wrote it in cursive. As it turns out, the word kaelin means waterfall or fast river in Gaelic, which I had no idea when I created it. :)

nenaure said...

Moi j'adore, déjà le mot en lui-même est sympa!
Et je trouve que ça fait un petit peu "nickname", et ça me fait bien penser à toi, surtout le côté "POP" comme un Jack in the Box ;-)

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