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Friday, September 11, 2015

Two for one

It's my blog's buy one get one free event :D
Okay, it's only because I didn't blog last week, but still, it makes it worth your while today!

Lots of things have been happening, with my son on his way back to school after 2 years in a specialized program. He starts Monday, so there were meetings and shopping in preparation.
We also spent a decent amount of time this week looking at a potential new vehicle...

And the weather has started to turn towards fall, so I  made sure to enjoy as much of the sun as possible while it was still shining (today is grey and cold...).

And in the middle of all that, you guessed it, I scrapped :D

Last week, Bella Gypsy released the September installment of their year-long collection. Check out the gorgeousness of Snap Happier: September 2015 Collection:

The image is linked for a closer look at all the goodies, but you can also see them in action in my layouts.
I used the collection for my desktop with a photo of my happy dude:

But it was too big and too pretty to only do that, so I also scrapped the beautiful new cozy Bench jacket that my parents bought me while they were here visiting this summer. I am about to start wearing a lot, I think, with the weather the way it's going, but it's okay because at least I will be comfy and look good :D

The other collection last week was all about fairs and carnivals. It's called Fair and Square:

I used it twice as well. First for photos of meeting Woody in Disneyland Paris in 2012. It was my Mom's birthday and Woody was awesome, made her get up for a hug and even carried our dude for a family shot (it's people like this Woody who make Disney parks extra magical!) :D

I also used it for a layout closer to the theme. Every July the Beauce Carnival comes to our city. Cédric can't do many rides, but he really loves the ones he can go on and therefore we always go, even if only for a couple of rides (plus it's walking distance from our house):

And now moving on to this week's releases and layouts.
The first one is called Wild at Heart, a bundle full of wild animals and cool wood elements:

I knew right away when I saw it that I had to use it for some of my Cedar Meadows photos. Cedar Meadows is a park with wild animals walking around and you can take a ride through the park and see them up close, even feed some of them. I don't think I had ever seen a kit with a buffalo, a deer, a goose, ... it was perfect!!

And last but not least is Fall In Love, a bundle that combines, you guessed it, fall and love themes, in a colour scheme I love :D:

Every week, for the first week, if you purchase the bundle, you get a free pack (sometimes elements, sometimes extra papers, ...). I always forget to mention it, but this week, it is an alpha to die for. You can't just get the kit, you have to get the bundle to get the Leafy alpha (or you can also buy it separately!):

I used the whole bundle to make a birthday card for my husband's grand-mother. She turned 95 on Wednesday!! It was a nice card, but minimal element use and mostly text, and I knew I wanted to use it again. So I scrapped a very recent photo shoot of my dude at our neighbourhood park:

I used as many hearts as I could :D All the hearts in the kit I believe!
And there you have it!


LaShawn C said...

GIRL!! You rocked these layouts. Your cozy jacket is my favorite layout you've every scrapped!

Marie-France Gervais said...

Awww, thanks :D
I have to admit I like it a lot myself. I used the gorgeous whimsies, so I can't take all the credit ;)

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