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Monday, September 14, 2015

The other blog

Here's a quick mid-week post about my other blog!
Many of my readers are friends and family and know about both. But if you know me and this  blog strictly through digiscrap, you may not know about the other blog I write.

On "the other blog", I write about life with a little guy on the autism spectrum.
The reason I came here to talk about it is that I now have the coolest blog header ever over there.
A little while ago, Kate Hadfield had a contest for which fans would submit an idea for a design and some random people would be picked and win a version of said idea in her iconic hand-drawn style.
The winners ranged from a mouse and cheese plate, to an owl with glasses and a book. But in the mix, there was a little guy with a puzzle piece on his t-shirt and a service dog by his side...
You guessed it, that was my little guy with his autism awareness shirt and his yellow lab :D
I hurried to design something with it, using other Kate Hadfield pieces to go along with it. And then I had a veeeery hard time figuring out how to include it in my premade blogger template. Hubby, who's a computer geek, tried to help but couldn't figure out the designer's html logic and today, all by myself, I managed! Yay me!

So here's the blog header in two language for "the other blog":

I write in English because I live in Canada and can reach a wide audience, but also in French because I want my family in France to be able to read and in the hopes of reaching some people in France who also live with autism.
My hopes are that people who are not touched by autism might read and understand a little better, and that those who do live with autism can find comfort in the feeling of shared experience and sometimes maybe find a little advice or help.
I hope you like the blogo (did I just invent a word for a blog logo? Probably not, but I've never heard it and I am pretty proud of it right now :D) and if you want to read, I'd love for you to read the blog(s):