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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Epic fail

When I showed you Dial 911, the fun new kit by Artgal Style,
I told you that I might scrap one more page with it of a recent event.
Here it is!
It was an epic fail on my part: I fell on ice while taking out the garbage before the gym.
I fell on my right hip, then caught myself on my right wrist and just the tip of my left middle finger (what?) then just for shits and giggles, I let my face hit the ground and bounce off it (again, what?). Eventually I joked about it, but on the spot, I was quite scared and hurt. I whimpered like a little b#*$tch and my first thoughts were really vain (face ruined?). I was mostly scared that I broke some teeth, but a quick tongue count reported 32 unbroken pearly whites. I could tell I was bleeding a lot, though. I texted this to my hubby: "I fell I really hurt" (no time for punctuation), then just so he knew: "on my side and face". He got home at the same time roughly as the ambulance and we proceeded to waste 4 hours at the hospital. I never made it to the gym, lol
I had a sore wrist, finger and face for a few days. The worst was probably the inside of my lip and cheek which I really cut with my teeth, but that also healed well and fast.

I am thankful that I didn't hurt myself more, that I am healthy enough to bounce back (pun intended), that Dave came home and stayed with me, that the nurse who took care of me was a friend (we talked about the kids), and that I was able to keep my sense of humour and laugh about the ridiculousness of how I fell.
That day, I must have asked Dave a hundred times: "WHO FALLS ON THEIR FACE?".

So here's the scrap I made to document my incident:

Oh, and just a word of warning: within a couple of week, many people have fallen (my Great-Aunt, Dave's Grand-Mother, my friend's son, my sister, ...). I don't know if it's the sun flares, the moon and eclipses, the change of season, or just a fluke,
but I'd be careful if I were you ;)


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