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Friday, October 14, 2011


That might be how I feel, some if not most of the time, but it's mostly the name of Artgal Style's new awesome kit.
It has beautiful elements, some glitter, and some subtly fall colours. It's a fall kit with an awesome twist, I LOVE it!!

Take a look at this brand new kit:

And here's my layout with it. It's a recent photo I took myself of Cédric and me and I love it. And I also quite like how the layout turned out ;)

Thanks for looking, say hi if you'd like ;)


amy! said...
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amy! said...

Hi Marif!
Cute blog...I've been busy lately..and haven't kept up with my blog or my blog visiting :)
Haven't been playing as much at my old digi home (u know where) everything changed there for a bit with the new CT and Designers. My feelings were hurt and pretty much felt like a nobody there..I was there from the start with the first owner and for some reason I thought I should stay through it all but now, I'm over feeling that way. The place is filled with friendly girls and I'm just happy to hang out there. but I do kinda feel like I've out grown the designers there. I've been accepted to some teams and I just love where it's taking my digi skill...learning and growing everyday...so I'm playing at their stores more. I'm still on Modern Junes CT and I like a few of the other designers too so you'll still see me once in a while there.
Hope all is well with you the family and your lil dog!
take care girl~ amy!

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