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Saturday, November 6, 2010

One more time ;)

Once again, a week has gone by, and it was busy partly because it was the last week of Battle of the CTs!
Once more Vicki's Working Girls need your votes...
This time we had to use 10 kits (2 in common accross the team), make a list of 10 and scrap with no photo and no frame! My layout is a bright, funky, material list of the THINGS I like. Take a look:

And if you want an idea of what all our layouts look like as a team, here they are:

Now please, please, go vote for A WORK IN PROGRESS, right HERE (we're almost at the bottom)!
Thanks, and enjoy Digital Scrapbook Day!


nenaure said...

I love it!!!

Any kit coming ahead or you're just too busy?
I'd love to scrap again as CT guest for you... I may phone you soon, I lost my ID's for my scrap software and downloaded Gimp, but I'm a bit lost...
Lots of love!

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