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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a little note to Kim L.

I got one comment from someone named Kim L. who was telling me that the Moody elements and my Poppylium kit were empty.
I checked them and had my husband try from his computer and they are normal and full of goodies for us.
So Kim L., I hope you checked back here so I can tell you that the problem probably occurred during our download or the unzipping process. Try again and it really should work!

Also, as a side note, if anyone has that kind of problem in the future, please do let me know, but also leave an address where I can reach you, otherwise I can only hope you check back...

Hope it works for you Kim and thank you to everyone for the nice comments on my designs so far!


Kim L. said...

Hi again, Marif - yep, I came back to check again, as I LOVE your first kit! the colors are just wonderful....and I downloaded the elements...and once again, got an empty file. It shows on the unzipped file, that there are 23.3 MB in it...and upon opening, a big old zero..a MacOS, and an "unknown file type", named poppylium elements. Thats it. I know computers, and zip and unzip all the time, and this one has me baffled! If you have any ideas, please let me know... you can contact me at kmlichtfuss@yahoo.com - I'm south of you, btw...in Wisconsin! Sorry to be a bother, and please know that I wouldn't be pestering if you hadn't come up with such a beautiful kit!!! Thanks - Kim

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