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Friday, November 27, 2015

My first digiscrap Farmer's Market

Looking at the date of my last post, it's easy to see I have neglected this blog :/
Oh well, I'm here now :D

Since October, we have had Thanksgiving, hubby and I spent a week in the Dominican Republic, I fell and hurt my back, our service dog arrived along with some training and bonding to do, and we are getting ready for 18 days in Florida (including lots of Disney World and a Disney cruise!!).

But I have found time to scrap, just not to blog about it. I'm going to split my layouts in two posts because it would be overwhelming I think, lol. So I'll keep the older layouts I made over the past month and a half, and for now I'll just show you the latest for this past week.

This week was my first time being on Bella Gypsy's CT as they release kits for the Scrap Orchard Farmer's Market. ALL the kits that are released there are $1 only for this weekend!!! And the designers go all out, Bella Gypsy created 18 new kits for this week :O
I only used 7 of them, but still, that's a lot more scrapping than average for one week.
So here they are! (in alphabetical order to make things easier!)

Backstage Pass:

Used for the photos of our little weekend escapade to see Bryan Adams' concert in Toronto:

Funny Boy:

Used for cute photos of my dude being silly in the swings at the park (that face!!):

Gingerbread Kisses:

Used for old photos of my little guy enjoying the Early Years Centre's Christmas in 2010 (with homemade treats by some of the staff and parents and a gift I made for him :D):

Home for Christmas:

I used this one for some precious photos of me, my little dude, my nephew and my aunt sharing a story time cuddle during the last Christmas holidays we spent in France, too long ago...:

Santa's Workshop:

This one was perfect for our photos of the "sensitive santa" last year at the YMCA (various volunteers who work with and for special needs kids organize a visit and photos with Santa in a quiet, less crowded, less stimulating, environment, and they even get a gift!):

Twinkle Town:

I used this one for photos of our cute little tree, the only decoration we put up last year because we were gone for the holidays:

Warm Wishes:

This last one was used for photos of me all bundled up to walk our puppy at the time. I was dedicated to walking her daily despite the frigid weather, I will do the same for our new doggie!

That't it for now. Now go to the Farmer's Market and get some great deals!


LaShawn C said...

Girl you rocked it!!
I hope your back is feeling better. Have SO much fun in Florida. One of these days when you are down this way, I am going to meet you!

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