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Friday, August 14, 2015

Having too much fun

We're having an awesome summer, and my parents have been here visiting and my little dude is on a reduced schedule. So we're taking walks and playing games (mostly double 15 dominoes) and watching TV (we've introduced them to Chuck). But with all that, it's taking me days to finish layouts and I haven't shown you the few I made...
So here they are, one from last week and 2 from this week.

First off was the August 2015 installment of the Snap Happier Collection by Bella Gypsy:

I used it for one more page form our March road trip (explanation of why we left and photo of the souvenirs I brought back), as well as this month's desktop!

And this week, they released a gorgeous end of summer themed collection. There's a main kit, but also some gradient papers, extra alphas and a mini kit which all come separately or in a bundle.
The collection is called So long, Summer, and the mini is My Summer Story:

I used the main kit and gradient papers in a layout from summer 2014, of the sad attempt at a selfie with 3 people, a stroller, a dog and the iconic Magic Kingdom castle... and the awesome photo you get when a nice cast member offers to help :D

And then, I used My Summer Story alone for a layout of Helio sleeping in a perfect circle on the pillow I made him! I particularly amused myself with the title. I was going to title it "doughnut", but it was long to write, so I was going to write it "donut". But the Canadian in me was struggling until a pun happened. I kept the "g", got rid of the "u" and "h", and called it "dognut". Get it: it's a dog, it's a doughnut/donut, it's a "dognut" :D
Anyways, bad puns aside, the layout turned out pretty and makes me happy:

I was too busy, so I didn't scrap with the other release from last week or this week, I hopefully will get around to it at some point as they were also gorgeous!
My parents are now gone, which is sad, but I might scrap a little more, which will be nice!
Until then, have a great weekend!


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