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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 23 and a half

This blog post is about nothing and everything, so I couldn't think of a title for it, lol. So here's what happened in my photo/scrappy life at the end of week 23 and the beginning of week 24 of this week.

I'm really just here to show you my P52 photo and some recent layouts for my CTs.
I'll start with P52:

The prompt was "in your closet". There are a good amount of closets in our house, and they are all in varying states of mess. The thought of showing my mess here was not appealing, a mixture of shame and despair, lol.
But last week was a very important week for us as it saw the arrival of our new dog. He is an autisme service dog for our son and I spent most of the week training of handling him. As a result, I did take a moment last week to reorganize one of the big messy drawers in my kitchen to store all his things. So instead of all the messy closets, I will show the newly organized drawer :D

It looks pretty good and organized, right?
It used to have a huge mess of random bags of various sizes, shapes and colours that I was keeping "just in case", added to grocery bags, random camping stuff and the old dog things we had from our previous puppies.
I purged the bags and put them all in the biggest one and I put all the grocery bags in the pouch for Provence made for that! Then I stored all the food items for the pooch in the little plastic bin, because he's a lab therefore always hungry and knows how to open drawers, and I put all the grooming tools and products, toys and various travel items on the other side of the bin.
I love a well organized drawer!
(now let's see how long it stays that way...)

On to scrapping :D
Lately, I feel like I have no time to scrap and my schedule is crazy; I feel like each layout takes days (seeing the kit and planning on scrapping, choosing a photo, downloading and unzipping, then actually opening the software and doing it really does seem to happen over at least a few days). But when it comes down to it, I am scrapping my memories and I have a nice spread for you today :D

First, my desktop for the month:

 Credits: Monster Party kit and the Bits of Yesterday templates by Jen Yurko

Then more of our xmas vacation.
A day at Blizzard Beach for a template challenge at Mousescrappers:

 Credits: Summer at the Lake by Jen Yurko and Valarie Ostrom Designs and a template by Keystone Scraps

And the Canada Pavilion at Epcot:

Credits: Everyday June Bundle by Designs by Jen Yurko (lift of a page by nenner1)

And a quick simple page of the first cuddle with our new dog:

Credit: An Adoption Story by Artgal Style and the Super Chunk font by Jen Yurko


Anonymous said...

Tellement intéressant...I look forward to your next bloq...you do great scrap booking.

Marie-France Gervais said...

Merci beaucoup

LaShawn C said...

Love the photo. I have a photo of my shamefully messy closet. I am posting it with pride. lol...next week. I think the blocked layout is one of my favorite of yours! The title work is fantastic!!

zunaira mehar said...
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