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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random things

Today I have a few random things to show you: some layouts, a challenge you should join and some "craft"!

First I made a few layouts and I really like the results, take a look:

With Perfect Disaster by Kiss This Designs and a sketch from Pencil Lines

With the Blast Off collab by Ginger Scraps and a template by Cardamome

With Friendly Boogie Monster by Rock N' Star Scraps and the Purple Boxer font by Amanda

This last one will teach Dave to make faces when I have the camera ;) (Love you!)

Next, I want to tell you about an awesome Scrap That Idea blog challenge. All you have to do is make up to 4 brag book pages (4x6) with whichever kit you want from the STI store and at the end of the challenge, everyone gets all the brag book pages.
You can see Nancy's challenge here for all the rules.
I made four pages, one for each designer, all themed for children.

If you join the challenge, you'll get those and more...

And finally, here's what happens when you try playing with a recipe. I wanted to make Halloween cookies for our Halloween get together with my in-laws. So I started by buying a pumpkin shaped cutter and making myself a "jack-o-lantern face cutter" out of aluminum piping... That took time but went well.
It went wrong when I tried to adapt the recipe for my diabetic father-in-law... I bought unsweetened chocolate instead of semi-sweet, I replaced sugar by sucralose, and then I added a bit more of it to make up for the chocolate. The dough was too dry, way way too dry, so I added more butter, and then some milk (which was not even an ingredient in the first place).
I ended up with okay dough, cut out all the shapes and the faces out of half of them and baked everything (they were "peek-a-boo" cookies with jam in the middle and it makes about 50 cookies, each with two sides, so with only one oven, it took some time)!!
The result was just not good. They were not sweet enough and very very very dry and pasty...
So instead of throwing them out, I bought some Halloween coloured glitter and made decorations for next year, look:

That's it for today. I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving and happy scrapping to everyone!


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